There are 10 billboards along Interstate 15 in Utah advertising an "exclusive VIP Event" on June 7. Picture:

Washington - Are you looking for a millionaire husband? Here's a tip for you: Fill out an application with your age, height, body type, number of kids desired, hobbies, criminal history and description of your involvement in the Mormon Church, and you just might get the chance to meet this mystery man. 

It's like The Bachelor, but without the cameras.

There are 10 billboards along Interstate 15 in Utah advertising an "exclusive VIP Event" on June 7. The occasion? A millionaire hailing from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is looking for a wife, and he's betting that the people driving by might know her or be her.

"This person has tried lots of different avenues and hasn't been successful yet," Erin Schurtz, a dating coach working for the millionaire - whom she would not identify - told the Salt Lake Tribune. "He's a great guy and has so much to offer."

That may be true. But is this what now qualifies as "putting yourself out there"? A billboard that essentially says: Rich, single man is looking for a wife, please fill out an application?

Amy Stevens Seal, chief executive of the Mormon matchmaking service running this bachelor's search, says she's received more than 600 applications for the chance to meet him. (She's also received a lot of love and hate mail about the advertising campaign, she says.) 

Her team will whittle down that field and ultimately choose 20 women to meet the millionaire at a dinner at a private venue. The bachelor will then choose two women to join him on a one-on-one date the next day.

"Those invited to attend will have an unforgettable evening of intrigue, surprise, and delight as he and his team of celebs get to know you," the site touts. "Even if it's not a match with our bachelor, we are confident participants will thoroughly enjoy this well-planned, unique experience."

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