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London - Most of us are fussy when it comes to picking a mate — but some are very fussy indeed. Not for them a blind date, or the lucky dip of a generalised dating profile. They want specifics. A man with a moustache, or someone who can navigate a black run on the ski slopes.

And where demand exists there’s a website to match: welcome to the world of niche dating. Take for eco-warriors, or, a pony club for people who love our equine friends as much as each other.

Those who like to throw a few shapes will find a tango partner at, while if rough and tumble thrills you, there’s always

If you know your downward dog from a forward fold you might find nirvana at, while is a site for foreign accent fanciers, and caters for uniform lovers.

Even facial hair lovers have (it’s registered in the US, but sometimes you have to go the extra mile for love). What are you waiting for? - Daily Mail