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London - A study has revealed that men and women have very different views when it comes to what makes their partner marriage material.

Three-quarters of British women need to be able to trust their partner to consider them to be marriage material, while 64 percent of men consider sexual compatibility the most important factor.

The survey, which asked respondents what the top five marriage material characteristics were, showed the differing views between the sexes.

Women also cite “romantic” and “career driven” as positive traits when it comes to choosing the perfect husband.

Men, on the other hand, say willingness to look after them and allowing them to watch sport are more important.

All respondents were also asked what they considered to be the best age to get married, with the majority of women stating 26 to 30 years old and the majority of men choosing 31 to 35 years old.

A spokesman for, which carried out the survey, said: “It’s no surprise that the perceptions of what makes a partner marriage material between men and women is vastly different.

“Women look for a much deeper connection from their partner than men do.

“Realistically, men seem to want someone who is sexually compatible, but who will also wait on them hand and foot like their mothers would.

“It’s also no surprise that the majority of men chose a higher age bracket to get married than women, as it has been proven that women are more mature, while men don’t quite know how to act their age.”

Cecilia d’Felice, clinical psychologist for, said: “Mutually being in love is what makes a couple marriage material and we should never lose sight of this. When we are in love, rational reasons or criteria, which we use to decide whether someone is suitable to marry rapidly fly out of the window. We are governed by our hearts and not our heads.

“Dating someone, getting to know them, falling in love, finding that you are happy in each other’s company and would rather be together than apart is the normal route to marriage and for good reason.” – Daily Mail



* Honest/trustworthy – 78 percent

* You just know – 52 percent

* My friends and family like them – 46 percent

* Romantic – 33 percent

* Career driven – 13 percent



* Sexual compatibility – 64 percent

* Willingness to look after me – 43 percent

* Enjoy sport or let me watch – 41 percent

* Attractiveness – 33 percent

* My friends and family like them – 29 percent. - Daily Mail