Rachel and Siya Kolisi are celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary this year. Picture: Instagram

Social media has the power to enthral, entice and divide. It gives people the platform to have an opinion about everything. But, if you want to take your relationship to the Twitter streets, anything is fair game - including your man.

Rachel Kolisi learnt this the hard way. Many will know her as the tweet queen of clapbacks. The Kolisis married in 2016 after four years of dating. He’s a worldclass rugby player, she’s a housewife who gave up her job as a marketing executive to look after their son and Kolisi’s two half-siblings.

Rachel is not new to controversy. In fact, she gives as hard as she gets. Her recent cryptic cup emoji had social media in overdrive, as online detectives tried to decipher what it meant after a model posted a seemingly innocent picture of herself and Kolisi at a photoshoot.

Many concluded it was a reference to Zuki Lamani “thirsting” for her man. It’s not the first time Rachel’s been involved in drama over her husband. She has slammed a user for calling Kolisi a “type”. She tweeted: “He’s not a ‘type’. He’s a married man responsible for 4 children,” defending the comment after users branded her insecure.

It also inspired a slew of rants, with many lashing out at her for being a white woman attacking black girls eyeing Siya.

“Siya is a public figure… and a black, tall dark athlete. That’s a type! You need to grow a thicker skin Rachie!” said one user.

Another inboxed her on Facebook saying: “Leave Africa and go back to Europe and leave our good men to our own beautiful black women.”

The incident brought out the good, bad, but mostly the nasty. It also highlighted that even 24 years into democracy, dating across the colour line is still a “thing”.

Janice Littlejohn and Christelyn D Karazin penned Swirling: How To Date, Mate And Relate, Mixing Race, Culture And Creed. In the book, they try to figure out why so many black women are wary of dating outside their race. Is it because they are still looking for “the perfect black man”?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra held a traditional engagement ceremony in Mumbai. Picture: Instagram

“… There were cultural reasons preventing black women from looking outside,” Littlejohn told Essence. “Because there’s too much of a burden put on black women to procreate and continue to foster the black family. Black men don’t have that same onus on them.”

Could this be the reason why Kolisi has so many female admirers, despite his marital status? He is the epitome of the perfect black guy. And it’s not unique to South Africa. Dating outside your culture or religion is something that you just don’t do. 

When Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra announced their engagement, instead of the internet celebrating, the two were trolled three-fold: for their different skin colours, cultural differences and their 10-year age gap.

Although she has neither confirmed or denied the relationship, things between Rihanna and Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel are said to be serious - when they’re not broken up or fighting.

Rihanna dating Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel since 2017 doesn’t seem to sit well with her fans either. Why? Because he’s a Muslim Arab.

“Rihanna, you can do better than a man whose family would have you locked away or stoned. Dump the loser,” a prominent feminist said.

Things got so out of hand that UK's Daily Mail journalist Sirin Kale wrote: “To decry him simply on account of his ethnic origin, without evidence, is flat-out racism.”