Woolworths has withdrawn their Valentines Day campaign after being called sexist and outdated by consumers.

Woolworths has withdrawn their Valentines Day campaign due to social media outrage. 

The retailer said the campaign was intended to be a light-hearted reference to cliché characteristics in many relationships, however, consumers have criticised Woolworths for gender stereotyping.

The female version read: 

She orders a salad and then steals your chips; She takes forever to get ready; She snuggles you to the edge of the bed; She uses your razor to shave her legs; She makes you her Instagram husband; She says she’s “fine” when you know she’s not; She’s the light of your life. LoveAlwaysWins

The male version read:

He touches your hair; He doesn’t know the title to “your song”; He makes plans without telling you; He uses the wrong emojis in text messages; He believes he’s entitled to the remote control; He thinks he knows better than Siri; He’s the man of your dreams. #LoveAlwaysWins

Brent Lindeque, from  GoodThingsGuy.com - The Home of Everything Good has come up with his own suggestions: