Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods. Picture: Instagram
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods. Picture: Instagram

#WorldFriendshipDay: Our top 5 celebrity friendships

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published Aug 1, 2019

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World Friendship Day was July 30 and to celebrate, we rounded up a list of our top five celebrity friendships.

Whether they’ve managed to withstand the test of time, or fell to pieces amid the whirlwind pressures of Hollywood, these friendships are iconic and should be celebrated.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods

Picture: Instagram
This story of friendship goes way back to a time when "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" was first being aired and a young Will Smith befriended John Woods, a television sound engineer on set. Some years later, when they both had children, they too became close friends, especially Jaden, Smith’s son and Jordyn, John’s daughter who were around the same age. Years later, when Jaden and Jordan were in their early teenage years, they were invited over to the Jenner’s house, where she met Kylie for the first time. They hit it off, and by the end of the evening, Jordyn’s number was saved in Jenner’s phone. “You put your name in my phone with a purple heart, and I still have the purple heart in my phone,” Jenner said in an online Q&A session.

Since then the pair became inseparable - Jordyn accompanied the Kardashians on family holidays and even moved in with Jenner. In 2017, when Jenner shared the news of her pregnancy with her then BFF, her response was: "Ok, well I guess we're both having a baby."

However, in May this year, news broke about Woods and Tristan Thompson getting a little too cosy at a house party. Since then, Jordyn has been completely ousted as an honorary member of the Kardashian clan. We’re talking kicked out of Kylie's house, unfollowed and pretty much, dragged through the mud on social media. 

Apart from rumours that they still frequently text. Only time will tell whether these two will rekindle their friendship. 

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle

Picture: Instagram
South African model, actress and television host, Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle, became best friends in 2015 and have become Mzansi’s favourite duo. 

On and off screen, the BFF’s flaunt their friendship - from donning matching outfits to moving in together at one point, these two are definitely #FriendshipGoals. They are so inseparable that they were even nominated at the 2017 Feather’s Awards for being the "Cutest Couple" that year. 

One of their most standout moments together was when they shared an emotional moment on MTV’S show, called "Behind the Story" hosted by Thusi. In the heart to heart conversation, Thusi said, “When I’m at my most broken, you’re there to make me laugh and put me back together, when someone is disrespecting me, you’re there to remind me why I deserve it and that only shows how much value you have in yourself, and everything you know you don’t mind sharing, you are this well of beauty and knowledge and this incredible incredible light.”

The interaction was heartwarming and left their audience awe-inspired by their wonderfully supportive friendship. From the looks of things, they’re still going strong. 

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams 

Picture: Instagram
Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams played the Stark sisters on HBO’s hit fantasy/drama TV series "Game of Thrones". Turner was 15 and Maisie was 14 when the show began filming. While working together so closely, it’s no surprise that these two became besties. 

Having practically grown up together on set, the two experienced a lot of the same hardships that come with being a young actor in Hollywood. In an interview with Dr Phil about mental health, Turner shared that they didn’t socialise with anyone else because not a lot of people could relate to what they were going through. 

In another interview, Turner referred to her relationship with Williams as being "the purest form of true, true friendship.” Although the show is over, it’s likely that their bond will remain strong.

Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles

Picture: Instagram
Bromance is in the air with musicians Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles. They started hanging out together a while before their careers took off and Ed has even described them as "anchors for each other" in this chaotic world of fame. 

Sheeran is also one of the first people Styles shared his new music with after One Direction disbanded and he tried to launched a solo career. In a press interview following the release of his single "Sign Of The Times", Harry described Ed as "one of the most talented dudes" he's ever met, saying he has an amazing knowledge of music and he is someone you could always depend on.

Somizi Mhlongo and Unathi Msengana

Picture: Instagram
Over the past few years we’ve seen Somizi and Unathi Msengana’s relationship blossom into true BFF status. The singers first became close when they were both judges on the 11th season of South African Idols, and they’ve been besties ever since.

After the first episode of "Living The Dream (LTD)", Somizi’s reality TV show, aired, Unathi, shared in her excitement for her friend, “Words will NEVER express my joy and pride for you Somsom, I told you when you started on the show that it would change your life forever! The truth is you have changed our lives as South Africans forever! You have outdone yourself on LTD and you give us your all!”

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