Jay Z, Beyoncé and Nicole Curran. Picture: Twitter

Do you know what I hate? When someone stands so close to me at the checkout counter at the supermarket that I can feel their breath on my neck? It's creepy and it's an invasion of my personal space.

So I totally felt Beyoncé when a video surfaced this week of Nicole Curran, wife of Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, leaning across her to speak to hubby Jay Z, courtside at the NBA finals.

Obviously, the BeyHive was all in their feelings about the incident. Curran was quick to defend the exchange, saying it was a harmless conversation between her and Bey's man. Whether it was blown out of proportion or taken out of context, Beyoncé's face was a picture of irate annoyance. 

And annoyed she should be. The whole awkward exchange has now started a conversation on respect for personal space. And if you're going to be talking over me to my man, be prepared to get the side eye, and maybe a b*tch slap.

Yes, we thank Twitter for blessing us with the following gems. Some food for thought, Nicole Curran?