10 tips to end marital sex boredom

Dating App Gleeden suggests some tips to help escape the monotony of a dull sex life after marriage. Picture: Becca Talpert/ Unsplash

Dating App Gleeden suggests some tips to help escape the monotony of a dull sex life after marriage. Picture: Becca Talpert/ Unsplash

Published Aug 19, 2022


Can getting married dull your sexual life? Yes, after a while, long-term partnerships can start to feel monotonous. It should be expected that your marriage will have some difficulties.

However, do you feel trapped in your physical relationship? Is your sexual life experiencing a slump? Are you becoming tired of having sex with your partner?

Dating App Gleeden suggests some tips to help you escape your monotony:

Love language

We usually love our partners how we want ourselves to be loved. Learning your spouse/partner's love language can make your relationship healthy. Knowing your partner's needs will remove the bubble of distance in your relationship.

Don't count

It's not how many nights and times you are involved with them, affection between you and your partner matters. Lasting longer does not spice up things, spending that time, being comfortable, communicating, and asking about needs and expectations, will build the quality of your relationship.

Sex is essential in marriages, and many counsellors have said that, despite the fact of how many times people have sex.

Comfort above all

Not many people are confident about how they look. Getting comfortable in your own skin is more important. Seeing and accepting yourself as an attractive person will enhance your confidence with your sexual relations with your partner.

Let's talk

It is very important to have communication in a relationship. Talking about your needs in bed to your partner will create understanding and help make the required changes.

Empty promises can ruin your partner's interest and trust. Instead, be honest with them, so they can bond with you and the love flame shines forever.

Efforts needed

Many people stop doing things that they used to do to impress their partner. This leads them to question their worth and slowly start losing interest.

Going on small dates, taking trips, going dancing, cooking a meal, etc are some things that can work like a blow torch in your relationship. After all, sex is a way how you express your love.

Adding new passion

Experts say that doing something new gives our brain a kick of dopamine which is the same thing that creates romantic passion. Doing these new adventurous things can ignite the chemicals in the brain towards physical attraction.

Cutting distance

Following the daily patterns of cuddling, kissing, and hugs are like practically pulling the distance apart and making the emotional bond stronger. Giving each other massages is another way of connecting with your partner.

Pen the thoughts

Writing down thoughts in your mind are the most helpful way to get rid of issues revolving around sex. By putting thoughts down or even fantasies can help your partner understand your requirements.

Try to put down thoughts related to things that give you arousal and share it with your partner.

Doing exercise

Putting your pelvis to work helps you enjoy your intimate time more, as it releases the tension of your muscles in your pelvic floor.

Doctors suggest doing Kegel exercises, contraction can help couples who are unsatisfied with their sexual relationships.

Practising foreplay

It is an exquisite aspect of a relationship, making the whole experience linger a little longer. It can make intercourse more pleasurable and is an invaluable tool which will help couples in breaking the monotony in their bedroom.

It will add a new freshness to your long-term relationship or married life.