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12 tips for better sex for women

A man & a woman kissing

A man & a woman kissing

Published Aug 16, 2016


Here are 12 tips for women to haver better sex:

1. Ruffle your feathers – and your bed clothes

A lot of articles and advice columns recommend doing it in all kinds of wild and wonderful places and I don’t dispute, that can be fun, but don’t underestimate a good romp under the covers. Your bed is one of the places where you are most comfortable in the whole world and if you want to explore and get out of your comfort zone, what better place to do it than where you’re most comfortable!

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2. Are you keeping up with the Jones’?

Are your girlfriends having more or better sex than you are? If so, does it matter? The real question you should be asking yourself is - are you happy with the sex you’re getting? Each one of us is different and while your friend may get her kicks out of singing from the chandelier, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a slow evening of sweet kissing, cuddling and gentle love-making.

3. Gimme more!

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It is perfectly natural for our sex lives to ebb and flow, sometimes we can do it 6 or 7 times a week, and sometimes we can go without it for a couple of weeks. If you want to keep your sex life active all you have to do is do it, and do it well. When you are having great orgasms, your body will naturally crave more. The reverse to that of course, is that if you go without it for too long a period, your body forgets what it’s missing and you have to call in the big guns to get yourself up and running again.

4.Play the Fiddle

So leading on from my last point, if for some reason your partner is not interested, take matters into your own hands – literally. Not only will this prevent you from going through dry spells, but you are pretty much guaranteed to get that satisfaction you so truly deserve.

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5. Work out – Work in

As a modern woman you probably do the gym thing, but are you exercising ALL your muscles? Your pubococcygeal (pc) muscles and the muscles lining the wall of your vagina and the entire base of your core. They’re the muscles you use when you’re peeing, when you give birth and yes you guessed it, when you orgasm. So working these muscles til they’re nice and strong will give you stronger, more intense orgasms. To do them, squeeze as if you’re holding back urine, then release. For an easier option, check out these

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6. Do it like a Doggie

Doggie style is really underated. It is one of the best positions for achieving a G-Spot orgasm. Yes, you don’t have the intimacy of face to face love-making, but his hands can be on your hips, your ass or your breasts and his lips can be nibbling the back of your neck… mmm

7. Kama Sutra anyone?

Every woman has got the position that works for her every time. But now that you know that you have that and can always fall back on it if you need to, why not explore? There are so many fun and exciting – and challenging positions out there. Why not do a bit of research and see if any of them appeal to you…

8. Be the Cliché

Who cares if hundreds of people before you have done it? They’ve all done it, cos it’s gooood. So light those candles, break out the bubbly, pull out your Barry CD and set the mood. You’ll be surprised what those few little things can do to get you both in the mood.

9. If you aint asking, you aint getting

As much as we would like them to be, unfortunately, men just cannot read our minds. If you want something, you must ask for it. If you feel a bit awkward about it, why not make it part of the seduction. Turn it into dirty pillow talk, or if it’s something simple, see if he can decipher you spelling it out on his… mmm… with your tongue.

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10. It’s not about the Destination, but the Journey…

Do not chase your orgasm! 90% of a good orgasm is in your head and if you’re lying there stressing about whether you’re going to have one or not, guess what? You’re not! Just enjoy yourself. Enjoy each move and sensation and if it happens to end in a mind-blowing orgasm, then bonus!

11. Quickies are good, Antici….Pation is better

Ever tried all day foreplay? Write a sexy note and stick it in your hubbies pants pocket, lunch box or brief case. Follow this up with a naughty text and maybe even a cheeky photo. Make sure that by the time he gets home, those candles are lit and you’re in his favourite negligee. It won’t stay on for long!

12. You are Perfect in every way

Love yourself, love your vagina – he does. There is nothing more appealing to a man than a confident, sexy woman. So if you feel a bit awkward and are not as familiar with yourself as you should be, then darling, it’s time to pull out that compact and take a good look. He’s seen it dozens of times, isn’t it time you did too. Look at it, touch it, caress it, love it. When you do, it will make a huge difference to the way you feel about yourself during sex.

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