Today’s upmarket boutiques are designed to be welcoming and accommodating to women. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

It's not exactly like going to the supermarket and buying a loaf of bread. But neither is it about going full stealth mode by donning a peak cap and sunglasses so that no one recognises you.

No, this is serious work. And thanks to the internet, you no longer have to visit shady places dressed in a disguise. Buying your first sex toy is as easy as the click of a button. But first, some handy tips from sexpert Jenni Holdsworth when it comes to purchasing your very first toy.

Dump the shame and guilt at the door

Today’s upmarket boutiques are designed to be welcoming and accommodating to women so the chances are that you'll find something that tickles your fancy. Every woman deserves to find sexual pleasure - with a partner as well as on her own. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Partner up

Ask a friend to go with you. If she has bought a toy before and has some experience - even better! There are lots of toys out there and it can be overwhelming to a first time buyer, so a friend that helps you to relax and take your time choosing is what you need.

What’s your hot spot

Buying a toy specifically for your favourite spot will always be a winner. Though don’t worry too much about this. Most toys can be used for multiple spots. They can multi-task, just like a woman!

If you’re shy, buy online

If you just can’t bring yourself to take those steps through that door, then buy one online. Most websites offer fast, discreet delivery. You don’t have the benefit of actually seeing how the toy works before you buy it, but you can research it. Check out Youtube for videos and reviews.

* Visit Jenni Holdsworth's website for more info