5 reasons why every woman should own a wand massager

Published Nov 22, 2020


By Lizzy Bliss

Hopefully, you weren’t expecting a Harry Potter reference here. Unlike Hogwarts, the Magic Wand Vibrator is not a fantasy, although it is often considered magical.

Widely known as the one sex toy that can provide an orgasm when all else fails, it’s powerful, it’s large and it gets the job done. It’s probably the most underrated sex toy on the market today.

The first wand massager to hit the market in the US in the ’60s was the Hitachi Magic Wand manufactured in Japan. It was initially sold as a muscle tension relaxer, and it’s never been confirmed whether the wand was always intended as a sex toy.

However, it wasn’t long before women all over the world realised it worked on much more than a sore neck.

Here are four reasons why every woman should own a wand massager today:

1. Wands are effective

Sure, they were originally labelled as neck massagers, but wands produce orgasms where other toys or methods previously failed. For some, it’s a last resort that delivers.

Wands have been known to assist women previously incapable of reaching orgasms to suddenly go from zero to multiple orgasms.

Because of its power and ease of use, the wand is a go-to for women who struggle with orgasms. In some cases, women in their thirties who never had an orgasm managed with a wand, and opened the proverbial floodgates.

You don’t need to be all that accurate either. If you get excited and start to fumble a bit, you just need it close enough to the clitoris for the rumbling vibrations to do the work.

It’s not necessarily the “prettiest” toy and not really phallic in nature, but it has a job, and it does it exceedingly well.

2. It’s an excellent toy for couples and doesn’t look like a sex toy

Although wands are generally larger than the average bullet or rabbit vibrator, they’re not used as an insertable toy, or shouldn’t be, at least. Which means they are a great toy to use with a partner.

It won’t damage any egos in the bedroom because of a size issue. It’s a sex aid and not the main event, or so you should be telling your partner.

They won’t get in the way of penetrative sex either, and because you can use it with one hand (depending on the size wand) you can hold it in place during sex or give it to your partner to wield. But beware, with great wands come great responsibility.

These toys are powerful and need to be treated with respect and finesse when you’re using it on someone else. The great thing is the wand does all the work and doesn’t require much input from the user.

3. It’s a Sex and the City classic

The famous scene where Samantha returned her favourite sex toy to an electronics store after she “wore it out” sent US women into a buying frenzy. Granted, fan fiction alone isn’t a good reason to buy anything. But like the famous Rabbit Vibrator, the Magic Wand sold out after a cameo appearance on a Sex and the City episode in 2002. What followed were raving reviews and a newfound respect and love for the wand, which you could buy at any regular electronics store.

The scene highlighted the joys of owning a wand, and if it was Samantha’s favourite sex toy, it has to be good, right? Damn straight!

4. Modern wands come with options

The original Hitachi Magic Wand is still on the market today and a favourite toy for many, but it has its limitations. For one, there are only two speeds; both of them are pretty strong and can be a bit overwhelming for some women. Secondly, they need to be plugged into an electric outlet to work.

It’s not ideal in South Africa as we have enormous plugs and you don’t want to run a lead up to your bed or couch to power a sex toy, trust me. Also, loadshedding...

Wands have come a long way since the ’60s and even further since that fateful Sex and the City episode. Thanks to technology improvements, the vibrating motors have become a lot smaller but are equally powerful, so they don’t need to be the size of a small baseball bat.

New wands on the market are rechargeable and have power settings so you can ease into things or go straight for broke, giving you a choice. There are also waterproof options, which means you can use them anywhere. I’ve tested out a few, and my favourite is without a doubt the Rechargeable Magic Wand.

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