28 year-old sex coach Jade Zwane holds her latest book aDICKted at her home in Parkhurst. Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Johannesburg - Move over EL James, South Africa has its own erotic writer.

Jade Zwane, 28, the author of new erotic novel, aDICKted, believes it will build on the success of the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy which has sold more than 580 000 copies in SA and is still in demand.


Dedicated to the penis of Zwane’s former lover and the present, but often dormant, words of a repressed sexual being within a woman, aDICKted is a raunchy fictitious account of a 20-year-old woman’s sexual experiences with various lovers. She seeks not love but sexual gratification.

The book should be on the shelves later this month.

“For far too long, women have been repressed and the time has come for them to know they need not shy away from sexual issues, but have the power to be the best they can be,” said Zwane.

But why a career in assisting people with their sexual fantasies?

Zwane said her parents had dished out a guide to Sex 101. It was nothing but straight talk about puberty, dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and abortion.

This broadened her knowledge of sex, but left her with no inclination to experiment. This is the reason she only had her first sexual encounter at age 23.

After tasting the forbidden fruit, Zwane’s desire for sex grew into a passion. She put all her experiences in a journal.

Her first stint was a series of radio interviews on sex therapy, and later

, during dinner with a friend, aDICKted was born.

“It was the year before 50 Shades of Grey came about. I took my book to five local publishers and they flatly declined it. So I self published and sold 500 copies.”

She was saved by 50 Shades which helped open the eyes of the local printing industry.

Zwane’s day as sex coach comprises igniting the bedroom flame for married couples and helping paralysed and injured people revive their sexual lifestyles.

But more controversial is a line on Zwane’s Twitter account which has left some feeling hot and bothered.

She describes herself as a woman, author, a sex educator and finishes off by saying: “God is an orgasm.”

She, however, explains her intentions have never been to be rude.

“I had my first full body orgasm by myself. This is when I uttered these words. We all believe in the power of something and a higher being and that’s what I think God is,” she said.

Zwane’s second book titled In-Confessions will also be available at book stores this month. It’s based on a series of interviews with different women.

Marlene Wasserman, better known as Dr Eve, said the misconceptions that still existed about sex in the 21st century were that women never want sex while men want it all the time.

Owing to the popularity of 50 Shades Of Grey, Wasserman said local women now had permission to talk about their sexuality, fantasies and expressed dissatisfaction with the rather “vapid” coitus relationships they were having.

“It was wonderful clinically as women who had self diagnosed themselves as having desire disorder removed that label, as they became engorged and aroused and interested in sex reading these books.

Lola Montez’s Sharon Gordon said when 50 Shades Of Grey hit book stores it had a huge impact on her business.

“We tripled in sales. December was lucrative. However in January (this year) there was backlash of some sort. Yes, it wasn’t the most fantastically written book but it sure hauled many out of their comfort zones,” she said.

Gordon joked that if a low libido was classified as a disease, the world would have a pandemic due to the stresses faced by couples all over the world.

“Financially, we are all not sound. But as pleasure domes we have gotten to a point where we no longer want people to view us as just another sex toy store but relationship engineers and a necessity. Yes, they are just sex toys but they make life in the bedroom slightly easy,” she said. - Saturday Star