8 tips for all-day foreplay

By Bella Rouge Time of article published Jul 4, 2016

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Ladies, the title of this article may say excite your man, but in actual fact, it is really for both of you. A little more for you than him.

The long and the short of it is that women need a lot more stimulation to be turned on. Though women nowadays are becoming more visual, we usually like to have our minds stimulated. That’s why those erotic novels are so popular.

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Guys on the other hand, all you have to do is lift up your top and show him your boobs and he’s ready to go!

However it’s good to have some fun too, so here are some tips on how to hot it up hours before you reach the bedroom.

1. Start in the morning by telling your partner how you feel about him, and what you’d like to be doing with him when you come home from work. Perhaps leave him a little note with more of your thoughts.

2. Later, send him a text or even a picture! Sexting (sexy texting) can be a very effective form of foreplay. Next, maybe an email or a sexy telephone message. Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone here.

3. Tell him to stay in bed and watch as you get dressed. Choose some of his favourite underwear and dress yourself very slowly and seductively in front of him. Now you’re setting the mood for the rest of the day. Every time you send him a message, he can picture you in your sexy underwear.

4. Make sure that you wear a perfume that he likes. You want to lure and entice him. Give him a long, lingering hug before you go so your scent clings to him and haunts him throughout the day.

5. If possible meet for lunch or coffee and act like you did when you first met. Over lunch, ask him to tell you what he would like you to do to him later. Spend a lot of time nibbling his ear and kissing his neck. Touch him. No, not there! But leave lingering caresses on his hands, his thigh, his cheek…

6. Create a “Seduction Treasure Hunt” for your man. Lay out clues attached to erotic toys and objects throughout the house. He must follow one clue to the next. Of course, with each clue, he’ll get more and more turned on.

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7. When he gets home, kiss and touch again before you go on to take care of anything else. Be affectionate with each other. Visualise what you’re going to do and then describe it to each other.

8. Make it last. I know you’ve been building it up all day, but if you both just explode in two minutes, it’ll be a bit of an – erm… anticlimax J still try draw it out as long as possible. Focus on the physical side of your foreplay now. Touch, kiss, fondle, and have an orgasm or two before you even start with penetration. When he finally let’s go, it’ll be the best explosion of his life!!

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