Bebe Rexha doesn’t fake orgasms because she’s “savage in bed”. Picture: AP
Bebe Rexha doesn’t fake orgasms because she’s “savage in bed”. Picture: AP

Bebe Rexha says she's 'savage in bed'

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Jul 23, 2019

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Bebe Rexha doesn’t fake orgasms because she’s “savage in bed”.

The Harder hitmaker says she’s been with people in the past who “cut a little short” when it comes to the bedroom, but insists she isn’t someone who fakes her orgasms because if she’s “not happy”, she’ll be sure to let her partner know.

Speaking to DJ Jax Jones about her bedroom experiences on his House Work Radio show on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, Bebe said: “Listen, I've been in situations where, trust me, the person is wonderful but it just, the bed part … it cuts a little short … he doesn't make it all the way.”

Jax then asked her: “I did hear a statistic that basically, I think it's like 40 percent of women fake it. Would you say that was an experience you've had?”

To which Bebe replied: “Honestly, I'm savage, in bed. I don’t fake … for real, I don't care. Like, if I'm not happy …”

And it’s not just matters in the bedroom the 29-year-old singer isn’t scared about being honest with either, as she also speaks her mind when it comes to Internet trolls.

Bebe recently slammed critics after they branded her as "tubby" in response to a picture of herself on stage which she posted on Instagram, as she said nobody has a right to judge her unless they look "completely perfect" themselves.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: "To all the people tweeting mean things to me about my weight you just want a response and you will not get it. 
"Unless you are completely perfect you have no f***ing right to talk about anybody else's body. The hate you breed that stems from Insecurity don't look pretty on you.

"I don't give a two s**ts about what people think about my weight. I care about what I think about my weight. (sic)”

Meanwhile, the Say My Name singer previously credited Katy Perry with teaching her how to deal with online hate, after she was left "depressed and stressed out" thanks to negative comments.

She said: "I've had days where I've read one bad comment and it would ruin my whole day.

"I've had days where I've been really depressed and stressed out and sad because it really f***s with you. I went on tour with Katy, we were in Brazil and I read a bad tweet that day and I was really bummed out.

"She was like, 'Do not read those tweets because it's only going to bring you down. You could read 1 000 good ones and you read one bad and it ruins your whole day.' "

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