(File image) Russell Brand

London - Russell Brand’s sex life after splitting from Katy Perry “was like being let loose in a chocolate factory”.

The British funnyman - who was famed for his womanising ways until he married the singer in October 2010 - had a “bit of a reaction” sexually and dated many women after filing for divorce from the pop beauty after 14 months of marriage.

He said “I had a little bit of a reaction. Like if you've been on a diet of rice for a while and then suddenly Willy Wonka said, 'I need you to run my chocolate factory’. I think, for a while, you'd be kicking over barrels of candy and swimming about in the chocolate river. That's not a euphemism!”

Russell - who confirmed he is now in a relationship with Isabella Brewster - also spoke about the “great relationship” he had with Katy's parents, pastors Keith and Mary Hudson.

He told DJ Howard Stern: “They were lovely. We had a really great relationship actually. When you say that they are Christians, they are not... stiff. Her dad came from sort of a crazy background, and her mom went to Berkley in the sixties. They were more born-again Christians, so I think they kind of identified with me.” - Bang Showbiz