If you are a novice, start by having sex in the shower or bath. Picture: Flickr.com
We're big fans of Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng. Not only is she one of South Africa's most formidable sexual health advocates, Dr T tells it like it is. 

In our next installment of our Dr T's "A Guide To Sexual Health And Pleasure", we take a look at menstruation and the benefits of having sex while going through your menstruation cycle.

A self-proclaimed patron of #TeamLayATowel, she knows the benefits first-hand. "It may not always be that one feels ecstatic and eager to have sex, but if you have had a positive experience with the post-orgasmic benefits of having period sex, one may be inclined to have it as one of the 'home remedies' for menstrual tension," she writes.

Popular opinion may suggest you can't fall pregnant during period sex. Quite the contrary. "It is possible to get pregnant because ovulation may happen soon after the period in those shorter menstrual cycles, and the risk of STIs remain."

Dr T's tips for period sex:
  • If you are a novice, start by having sex in the shower or bath
  • Lay a towel
  • Use dark sheets
  • Remove a cup or tampon before penetration
  • Use a condom
  • You may require lubricant, preferably water-based, which is safer, especially for the bath or shower.
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