Experts say women who have a low sex drive following menopause can benefit from taking testosterone. Picture: File

London - International medical experts have backed testosterone prescriptions for women who have a low sex drive following menopause.

Almost a third of middle-aged women suffer from a flagging libido, which may be triggered by hormone changes during menopause. 

Women’s health experts from nine leading medical societies conclude those given testosterone – often in the form of patches, gels and sprays – see an increase in desire and pleasure during sex and a reduction in "sexual distress". 

The benefits happen when testosterone is topped up to the amount in the body pre-menopause.

The experts say it should be prescribed to women who have "hypoactive sexual desire disorder", meaning they have a low sex drive, or a disorder which makes them less likely to become aroused and causes distress. 

Testosterone, they say, does not cause serious medical side effects – although it can increase acne and facial hair.

Dr Nicholas Panay, a lecturer at Imperial College London and general secretary of the International Menopause Society, who signed the statement, said: "Testosterone supplementation can restore sexual quality of life and joie de vivre in women."

Daily Mail