Make January the sexiest month of the year. Picture: Lacey LaDuke (Pinterest)
WARNING: Contains graphic content  

These easy, sex hacks are low-effort but high result - and will help get your mojo back in moments. 

From making a bedroom bucket list to banning sex for a month, these sensual tricks will have you taking off your clothes.

Put clothes on rather than take them off

Semi-naked is more erotic than fully undressed when you've been together a while.

Adding items you know 'do it' for your partner – a pair of heels, sexy knickers, him taking his shirt off but leaving his jeans on – send an instant message to the brain: I'm about to have sex.

This releases the sex and love hormones that speed arousal.

Release your dark side

Confessing you want to try something quite out there – something you don't even confess to your closest friends – shows your partner you trust them absolutely.

It also means you have a secret, and secrets are undeniably sexy.

Planning to do something you've always longed to for the first time, that's a little out there, is highly exciting and brilliant for jolting you out of that tired routine.

Ban intercourse for a month

Instead of having a full course meal every time you have sex – kissing, foreplay, using fingers and tongues and then penetration - limit sexual activities.

Have a month without intercourse: it'll make you far more inventive with everything else plus it takes the pressure off him if he's worrying needlessly over wobbly erections.

Next month, ban oral sex to push yourselves out of only using the two to three sex positions most couples use continually.

Denying sexual acts also gets around the whole 'I no longer want sex because it's on tap' problem.

Make a sex bucket list

Everything you both want to try between now and when you die: we do it for travel, we do it for other experiences, why not for sex?

Having a ready-made list makes couples far more adventurous.

Come up with the bucket list when you're feeling creative, and when you're not, all the hard work – coming up with new things – has already been done.

Get fruity

A US You Tube sex commentator (Auntie Angel) has come up with a sex technique that reportedly results in the most intense orgasms he'll ever experience.

All you need is...a grapefruit.

Yes really.

Chop off both sides of the grapefruit so you're left with the centre portion, then cut a hole around the same size as your partner's penis and slide the slice over it until it sits at the base.

You then give him oral sex, sliding the grapefruit slice up and down with your fingers while you do it.

The strangest thing you've ever heard?

Devotees claim it feels great for him because it feels more 'natural' than a hand does.

Worth a try: give it a whirl and report back!

Have sex at a different time of the day

Just as going out to lunch during the week and having wine feels way more wicked than going out to dinner, having sex at a time of the day when it's not usual, makes things far more interesting.

Have sex at different speeds

Long, slow sessions are great but so are short, fast quickies: mix it up to keep things sparky.

Do the same with techniques: go super slow for a few beats, then speed it up, then slow it down.

It ups the anticipation factor.

Hack your hand-job

If he looks distinctly unimpressed when you give him a hand-job, this simple trick will usually fix it.

Get him to show you where and how he puts his hands to start with when he masturbates.

Men masturbate regularly and nearly always in the same way, so if you mirror his technique, you really can't go wrong.

Some guys like a loose fist, others grab quite high up with a thumb and forefinger or a thumb and four fingers.

Add a blindfold

We're so fixated on looking good during sex, it's easy to get paranoid or distracted.

You can make a blindfold of virtually anything – a sock, a top, a scarf. It instantly changes the focus to what we're feeling rather than seeing.

Add a chair

Having sex on a chair (preferably one without sides) transforms boring positions into something sassy and new.

He sits on it, you climb on top; you rest your forearms on it, he penetrates from behind.

Choose an old-fashioned one with wooden slates and you also have a portable four-poster bed for tie-up games.

Wear socks to bed

The irony!

The biggest turn-off for most women – men wearing socks during sex - has been scientifically proven to improve orgasm.

Being cold is a big deterrent to orgasm and wearing socks is a quick way to heat the body during sex.

But ditch your heels

Studies show a certain height of heels tips the woman's pelvis to the same angle as when she orgasms.

Wear them often enough and your pelvis is constantly in 'orgasm position'.

This might sound delicious but in fact isn't, because it lessens the sensation of a real orgasm.

If your heels are already creating a contraction in the pelvic floor, it can't contract further during orgasm and the whole experience feels weakened.

Sext from the other room

He's up early, you're still in bed?

Send him a photo of what he's missing and see how quickly the coffee gets ditched.

Three hacks to help you climax

Stop trying to: if you're desperately, desperately trying to push yourself over the edge, you're not relaxed.

Instead, lie back and focus on simply enjoying the experience: you're far more likely to stay in the moment that way and make orgasm happen naturally.

Switch stimulation: If it's not happening during oral sex, switch to using fingers. If it's not happening during intercourse, switch to oral sex.

It's easy to over-stimulate so nerve endings feel numb: switching stimulation sorts that out in a flash.

Grab your vibrator: If all else fails, grab your vibrator and either use it on yourself while he watches or let him take control.

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