Futurism.com further reported that people are using advanced modelling technology to create, sell, and have virtual sex with 3D avatars of celebrities. Picture: Wikimedia

Still pining over your ex? Maybe there's some unresolved feelings there. How about a crush on a celebrity? Well, according to Motherboard, a thriving marketplace exists for 3D models of celebrities and former romantic partners.

Futurism.com further reported that people are using advanced modelling technology to create, sell, and have virtual sex with 3D avatars of celebrities, and even more disturbing - their exes.

According to the online publication, the porn is created by 3D-rendering software like Virt-A-Mate and Foto2vam and shared or sold over sites like Reddit and Patreon.

The 3D models that emerge from these communities can be articulated into any position, animated, modified, interacted with in real time, and manipulated in ways that defy the constraints of physical reality, reported Motherboard.

Many who have bought the technology are now airing their bragging rights on online forums such as Reddit, and now it enables them to act out their sexual fantasies.

But this raises an issue on consent and abuse. 

"From now on, we need to make sure we ask girlfriends to pose a few different angles with a blank expression and flat lighting for a few photos and then import them into VaM," one person posted.

This could be seen as a version of revenge porn, which is illegal in many countries.

"Is this something the other person wants? Is it mutually desirable/pleasurable?" National University of Ireland Galway legal expert John Danaher told Motherboard. "I don’t think anyone should be creating representations of this sort without the consent of the real person."