Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Sex Book is not for the prudish, squeamish or faint hearted. Picture: Reuters

Movie star, fashion icon, and now sex goddess. Is there anything Gwyneth Paltrow can’t do?

When Madonna released her Sex coffee table book in 1992, many conservatives deemed it crass, taboo and bordering on soft porn.

Suffice to say it went on to become an instant commercial success, with some critics claiming it was a post-feminist work of art. Today it still remains one of the most sought-after out-of-print books released.

Fast forward more than 20 years later and it’s safe to say our attitude towards sex has changed somewhat: less conventional, more outspoken, yet with a hint of puritan.

Although she may not even have known it at the time, the US singer inadvertently initiated dialogue when it came to speaking about sex openly. And now it seems everyone is talking about it, whether you want to listen or not.

Madonna released her Sex coffee table book in 1992, with many hailing it as a post-feminist work of art.

Case in point: Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Iron Man star and mother of two got tongues wagging when she shared her secret to good sex with her fans via her Goop website. Now she’s condensed her inner thoughts on getting intimate into a book.

She’s raised eyebrows before by suggesting vagina steaming and recommending a R172 000 golden dildo. But nothing prepared her readers for her nuggets of bedroom wisdom.

The Sex Issue is on sale only in the US and Canada.

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Paltrow has even brought renowned sex experts on board, furthering cementing her case for a good walloping between the sheets.

Some of the advice includes:

“Whether tantra or BDSM or threesomes or vanilla are your thing will never be the point - knowing yourself, all your options and how to ask for and pursue what feels good to you, is.”

“One of the simplest relational practices is to spend a designated amount of time connecting with each other. Talk about the experience afterwards. This practice is foundational in experiences while connecting to your partner without distraction or established habits.

The Sex Issue is only currently on sale in the US and Canada for about R350.

“The same principles of focused, uninterrupted attention are easily applied to talk or touch as well as other sexual activities.”

Usually, when a celebrity lends their name to a big brand or a cause, it makes it more credible. When it comes to sex, peddling their advice in blog posts and books, is another story. It doesn’t necessarily make it fact. But in Paltrow’s defence, she’s taken a whole team of experts on board to flesh out the bones.

Sexpert and blogger Jenni Holdsworth agrees. “I, personally, am very pleased that she is talking about it. It helps to lift the taboo when an icon ‘normalises’ something that has historically been a touchy subject, so to speak,” she said.

But Holdsworth also said there was another aspect to it. “Obviously, the reverse of that would be if a celeb was either passing on incorrect information or criticising an aspect of sexuality, which would no doubt make some people feel bad about themselves.”