About 47 percent of women admitted the quality of intimacy decreased. Picture: Flickr.com

Mattress company Leesa surveyed more than 950 parents to find out how their sex lives had changed after having children.

What they found might be news to some, but it's what tired, overworked parents knew all along - we're getting too little sex and too little sleep.

They initially asked parents to compare the overall quality of their sex life before and after they had children. Overall, 46 percent of respondents said the quality of intercourse got worse after having a child.

Picture: leesa.com

About 47 percent of women admitted the quality of intimacy decreased, whereas 47 percent of men said it stayed about the same. However, there was a small percentage that said sex was even better after having a child, but, more so, it was either the same as or worse than before the baby came along.

Picture: leesa.com

One of the biggest challenges parents encounter is finding the time to get intimate.

While 67 percent of folks just wait for their child's regular bedtime, other parents got creative - a full 64 percent got busy, but were "extra quiet," while 54 percent put the kids to bed early.

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Picture: leesa.com