London - The log fire is raging and the lights are turned down low. He snuggles in and his mind turns to passionate ways of getting the pulse racing on a cold winter’s night.

However, her mind is firmly stuck on far sweeter things – her favourite chocolate treat hidden away in the cupboard.

A survey has confirmed what many chaps had always feared: That most women would rather give up sex than chocolate.

A survey of 2,000 people found that alcohol, chocolate and sex were the most difficult things to forego, followed by caffeine and swearing.

When it comes to giving things up for a month, one in five men – 22 percent – said sex was one of the hardest things to live without, while only one in ten women – nine percent – agreed. Twenty-two percent of women said chocolate would be the last thing they would forego.

While 59 percent of people thought women were more likely to be able to abstain from sex, only five percent thought men could.

Men were thought to have less willpower than women once they set their mind to a challenge, with 19 percent of people saying men lacked the ability to control their urges compared with 31 percent for women.

The survey was carried out to mark the launch of Cancer Research UK’s fundraising campaign Dryathlon, encouraging people to test their willpower by staying off alcohol for January. - Daily Mail