Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein (pictured) revealed to FEMAIL the top sex trends that are expected to arrive in 2018 and take things to the next level in the bedroom.
Many are opening their minds to new experiences as they embrace the fresh-start symbolism of a new year.   

People are set to take things to new levels in the bedroom in 2018, sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein has revealed. 

Dr Goldstein, from the Sex and Life podcast, listed the top sex trends expected to arrive this year. 


Dr Goldstein says more couples will be looking to incorporate technology to help their sex lives flourish in 2018. 

The sexologist pointed towards strides being made in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and the influence they may have in the bedroom this year.

"Artificial intelligence is yet to impact a large population because it's quite new, but there is talk starting to take over about putting human-like features into sex robots and also being able to superimpose people," Dr Goldstein says.

"There are already virtual reality goggles that allow us to be in a situation, to look around and feel a particular scene, so sex robots are obviously a more advanced version of that."   

Dr Goldstein said couples place pressure on themselves to be better in the bedroom and will likely turn to tech - once readily available - to try and improve.

She adds: "People will rely more on technological advancements that come out, thinking they're the key to a happy sex life, and to fill a need." 
Sex trends to try in 2018. Picture: Bustle

Dr Goldstein predicted 2018 will be the year of greater same-sex experimentation in the bedroom, as 'labels went out the window' in 2017.

"I think we will see the continuation of people saying 'I'm going to try this and that' and possibly date people of the same gender because they no longer feel boxed in," Dr Goldstein said. 

"People are going to start going with the flow more because they feel there is a greater level of acceptance for sexual fluidity."   


The erotic drama film series Fifty Shades plays a major, influential role when it comes to spicing up our sex lives, Dr Goldstein said.

And with the final movie of the franchise, Fifty Shades Freed, set to be released in February, a new wave of amateurs are set to experiment with kinky activities.
"People are always searching for new things, so when the next Fifty Shades movie comes out, you will start to see it create more trends," Dr Goldstein said.

She added: "If in that movie there's bondage, then you will see a spike in kinky play because people will want to copy it." 

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