Sexual attraction is even more increased when you discover the taste and smell of your lover’s skin, Picture: Supplied

Tasting the wares of a new lover is an important part of the foreplay ritual, which involves smelling and feeling the smoothness of skin and savouring the kiss of a new partner. 

A recent survey has uncovered how important taste is when it comes to taking a lover or whether you’ll be left high and dry based on what you ate the night before.

The survey, conducted by VictoriaMilan asked 9 107 of its active male and female members how much taste plays a role in their attraction to a lover.

Sexual attraction is even more increased when you discover the taste and smell of your lover’s skin, as 73.2 percent of men and 84.4 percent of women say their desire grows more intense when they find their partner to be delicious. Based on the survey results, it’s apparent that one-night-stands are likely to extend into two, three or four-night-stands, or even full-blown affairs if a person likes what they taste when they kiss and lick a lover.

The taste of a lover is so important that 67.8 percent of men and 61 percent of women say they would rather go home alone than sleep with someone whose taste does not turn them on. Make no mistake, when a potential lover is nuzzling your neck and gently licking your earlobes, they’re checking to see how delicious you are.

32.3 percent of men and 39 percent of women will still sleep with someone they don’t enjoy the taste of, but it’s because they’re at the point of no return and have already put in the time to get their lover in the mood. It’s highly unlikely an encounter with someone who doesn’t taste good will have a repeat occurrence.

When asked whether the taste of a partner is important, the majority of survey respondents said they consider it an important factor, with 86.4 percent of men and 89.8 percent of women recognizing taste as a potential turn-on, or in the worst case scenario, a turn-off.

What’s surprising is that the funky taste of a partner isn’t a deal-breaker, however a 42.3 percent of men and 34.2 percent of women say they have ended a tryst with a lover because their taste wasn’t to their liking.