Will sex make you more productive or act as a distraction? Picture: PxHere
Will sex make you more productive or act as a distraction? Picture: PxHere

This is the question we all need answered: Is it fine to have sex on your lunch break if working from home?

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Mar 20, 2020

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By now, most employees working from home would have settled into some sort of routine. For couples working from the same space, it could be an opportunity to better acquaint yourselves (nudge nudge, wink wink).

But there's always the question of: Is having sex during working hours professionally acceptable? 

While writing for British newspaper Metro, journalist Natalie Morris pondered this very important question. Will it make you more productive or act as a distraction? "What we do know is that for many of us, working from home is a completely new state of affairs – and we’re all trying to adjust to this new normal," she writes.

So, in an effort to better understand the idea, she sought out the facts.

Does your lunch break count?

Technically, no, because all employees are allowed to do whatever they want with the hour allocated to them by their companies. So, that hour is basically there for the taking.

Does sex increase productivity?

You bet.

Dr Steve McGough, associate professor of clinical sexology at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco said in a 2017 article that it's difficult to separate the physical and emotional benefits that sexual activity has with regards to lowering stress and anxiety.

Sex increases the brain’s production of oxytocin, the “feel good” hormone that boosts feelings of wellness, connection and love. At the same time sexual activity causes a significant decrease in cortisol.

“This is like a breath of fresh air for your body. The result is you feel better, which impacts your emotional state," he added.

If Sweden can do it

A motion by Per-Erik Muskos, councillor for the northern town of Övertorneå in Sweden, was seeking to reconcile overworked couples in 2017. 

How? By having a one-hour paid break from work so they can go home and have sex.

He reasoned that couples do not spend enough time together in today’s busy society, and hoped that the proposal could improve people’s relationships. 

Now that we have the facts, best that you practice the lunch time quickie with caution. You don't want to get caught with your pants down, literally.

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