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Podcasts are probably the best thing to come out of the internet since YouTube enabled its users to upload their own videos and monetize it.

And now it seems almost anyone can have their own podcast. But you know what will get you listeners? Drama, controversy and topics most people are too shy to talk about.

We see it as a soap box of sorts in the social media age. And now one podcast that is doing the most is Guys We F*cked.

Started by New York natives Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fishe, it's a no-holds-barred discussion between women who are not afraid of their sexuality, and make no excuses for their behavior.

With more than 635K followers, these women are leading the feminist pack with their anti-slut shaming shenanigans. "They spread their legs, now they're spreading the word that women should be able to have sex with WHOEVER they want WHENEVER they want and not be ashamed or called sluts or whores."

So, each week Hutchinson and Fishe interview one guy that each of them slept with. By their own admission, this could mean anything from making love to a quickie in a hotel bathroom.

Their stories are candid and hold nothing back.