Most online flirts and chats take place during 2pm and 8pm each day. Picture: Supplied

Do you know what your other half gets up to when they're online?

The majority of intimate moments between married people and their lovers are set up via the internet on weekdays, and most online flirts and chats take place during 2pm and 8pm each day.

 The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan, mined data from 5.8 million of its active members from 32 countries to discover which days of the week are the best and busiest for having an extramarital fling or flirt.

There are 10 countries that go against the rest of the world and actually look forward to Mondays because that’s when they’re likely to log on, start flirting and truly feel alive. Eight of these are European countries (Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia), with New Zealand and Hong Kong joining the crowd of those who are in the mood on Mondays.

Tuesdays are the favourite day for 10 countries that take a little time to wake up and smell the orgasm opportunities, or who prefer to get the week off to an organized start before dabbling in adultery. These are led by Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). 

Wednesday is famously known across the globe as ‘hump day’ but this translation is taken literally only by four countries who enjoy breaking up the mid-week monotony with some online flirting that generally culminates in a meet up for some mattress mambo. 

South Africa, Canada and Japan all seem to focus on getting work related tasks under control during the week, but allow themselves to log in on Thursdays, leaving their browsing, chatting and flirting as a delicious reward that collect as the week quiets down and comes to a close.

Friday kicks flirty adulterers from Finland, Australia, Mexico and Peru into action, with these countries logging on and giving a new and sexy meaning to the phrase: ‘Thank Goodness it’s Friday’ by arranging meet ups and flirting with potential lovers online.

The study shows that the majority of people successfully find a lover for the weekend by flirting during the week, so there is no need to start looking for some new interest until the weekdays.

Lazy Sunday is generally saved for sleeping in and spending time with family, and most countries still abide by this tradition – except for Belgium.