A study aimed to find and explain factors influencing the frequency of erotic dreams. Picture: PxHere

Dreams are a window into our subconscious mind. Or at least that's what Freud-type psychoanalysts think. But what happens when you experience a dream so vivid that you wake up feeling guilty with your partner lying next to you?

Erotic dreams fall into that category. And now a recent study published in the Journal Psychology and Sexuality has reported that women are experiencing more erotic dreams than they did in previous years.

The study was first mentioned on www.refinery29.com which noted that researchers defined an erotic dream as including “sexually motivated actions such as flirting, kissing, intercourse or masturbation as well as watching sexual actions”. 

The study’s objective was to find and explain factors influencing the frequency of these erotic dreams using an online survey in a German sample with a broad age range - 2 907 participants (1 730 females and 1 177 males).

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The results of the study proved quite interesting. It indicated that erotic dreams are quite frequent in a widely ranged sample, with men seemingly having more sexual content in their dreaming. A reasonable explanation for this might be more waking-time erotic thoughts/fantasies in men, compared to women.

"This indicates that erotic dreams are a window for eliciting the person’s pre-occupation with this topic," researchers reported.

Another interesting observation was that men’s dreams contain more erotic themes than women.