Harmony has software that remembers birthdays and can quote Shakespeare. Picture: YouTube.com

The dawn of life-like sex robots is upon us and now manufacturers are cashing in, literally. The industry is worth an estimated $30-billion.

Introducing Harmony. She is one of the most expensive consumer robots under development, according to The Washington Post.

Worth $15 000 (about R196 000), Harmony has software that remembers birthdays and can quote Shakespeare, per the Guardian, notes Washington Post's Ben Guarino. 


She is also equipped for intimate human-robot relations. Maker Realbotix bills Harmony as "the perfect companion." 

In her National Geographic series, America Inside Out, Katie Couric got to spend the day with Harmony, giving viewers some insight into how she works, her intelligence levels and her primary function as a sex companion.

Realbotix is still working on the development phase. But consumers are welcome to purchase the Harmony AI. The software is designed to identify with its users interests and preferences.