In Japan, especially, the problem has reached dire proportions. Picture: PxHere

Japan - the home of pornographic manga and anime - is now seeing a worrying new trend.

A BBC documentary, presented by Roland Kelts, delves into the sexless lives of Japanese youth, and it seems to be spreading across the globe. 

Recent reports from the US, UK and Germany also show dampening sex drives among the young, postponed marriages, fewer babies being born, reported

But in Japan, especially, the problem has reached dire proportions, with some dubbing it Japan's "virginity crisis". So what the University of Tokyo has done is compile a study based on the latest available data.

“[Japanese] society is not as eager to get you married any more,” Dr Peter Ueda, one of the study’s co-authors, told the publication. “It’s increasingly your own responsibility to fend for yourself in the mating market.”

So, why are the younger generation so easily put off sex? It all comes down to time and money, which one in four young adult men have very little of.