BMW are very excited about their new Vision iNext concept car. Picture:

BMW are very excited about their new Vision iNext concept car. In fact they're so excited that they're convinced their self-drive car will lead to a more intimate experience between driver and passenger.

In a now-deleted video clip from the German carmaker, it hints at in-car sex with the tagline: "A space where everything can be done with ease".  

"The BMW Vision iNEXT is a warm and optimistic vision that merges all the key technologies for future mobility into a single vehicle: it will be all-electric, highly automated, fully connected and ultimately human," BMW commented on the ad.

The video introduces viewers to Eve and Leo who fist lock eyes across a coffee shop. The couple take things further and end up in the Vision iNext concept car. And here's where BMW leaves the rest up to the imagination. But it doesn't take much to read between the lines.

The teaser ad which was first posted to Twitter has since been deleted. Although it's unclear why exactly BMW removed the ad, most can warrant a guess. even went as far as suggesting that the carmaker encourages people to drive without seatbelts in the ad, while the racy theme could have raised a few eyebrows.