Over time, it becomes clearer that many don't understand consent in their interpersonal interactions. Picture: Supplied

Advocacy group Wise 4 Afrika have released a series of social media content in response to the recent events and discourse around gender-based violence (GBV). 

With the collection of infographics, and now a video, the organisation hopes to recentre the act of requesting/giving consent in the different acts of physical/sexual contact with the #wiseConsent.

If there's one thing that's clear, it's that many do not know the true definition of consent. From how to establish it and whether or not it has been given, some people seem to be finding difficulty when it comes to the interpretation of the word.

“As we continue to hear the stories of GBV survivors through the #AmINext and #NameandShame campaigns, it is clear both from the stories shared and the response of the accused that perpetrators don’t understand boundaries nor consent," explained Onica Makwakwa, member of the The Wise Collective.

"However, given the similarities in the abuse stories, it is also clear that men do discuss the things they do to women and perhaps it’s time they discuss consent," she concluded.

WATCH: How to establish consent