The study looked into the smoking habits of 7064 of its active members from 17 countries. Picture: Supplied

According to a study conducted by dating website VictoriaMilan, a puff of a cigarette enhances the bedroom experience just after climax.

The study revealed that the majority of people who take up a tobacco product after climaxing aren’t regular smokers.

The study looked into the smoking habits of 7064 of its active members from 17 countries to see who smokes regularly after sex, and who lights up because it’s a special occasion. More non-smokers than smokers from 10 of the 17 countries like to light up after sex.

French lovers are known for their open and passionate relationships, and 12.7 percent of them light up after climax as a habit because they are smokers. A further 22.1 percent of French adulterers are non-smokers but will light up because the act of smoking is daring and adds more pleasure.

In Poland, 19.8 percent of adventurous adulterers smoke regularly and enjoy tobacco products after a tumble with their lover.

In the Netherlands, the Dutch throw caution to the wind with an almost equal number of smokers (19 percent) and non-smokers (19.2 percent) revelling in a relaxing smoke after achieving climax.

A massive 18.6 percent of non-smoking Swedes will break the rules and enjoy a smoke after sex to enhance their satisfaction.

Back home, one-fifth of South Africans (20 percent) are habitual smokers and a cigarette or similar after sex is common practice. In addition, 18.1 percent who don’t smoke outside of the bedroom say it’s the one time they’ll indulge in a tantalising tobacco product.

About the same percentages were found for people in Spain, Finland, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Italy and Germany.

One in 10 (10.1 percent) UK residents enjoying extramarital affairs are regular smokers and are no strangers to tobacco products after a romantic tryst.

A further 16.5 percent declare themselves to be non-smokers but will let loose after sex and light up to enjoy their after-sex feeling even more.

Irish lovers don’t mind slipping a cigarette or similar tobacco product into their bedroom routine - 12.1 percent say it’s normal for them to indulge in nicotine while they get their breath back, and 15 percent say they never touch tobacco products - unless they’ve just climaxed.

Just eight percent of people having affairs in the US classify themselves as regular smokers and smoke both in bed and out of it. An additional 9.8 percent say they love to enjoy a cigarette or similar right after sex.

The founder and chief executive of VictoriaMilan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results showed that smoking after sex isn’t an addiction to nicotine; it’s an addiction to pleasure.

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