A woman experiences excruciating pain when she is aroused so she only has sex with her husband once a year. Picture: Pexels

Natalie Bricker's sex life is anything but ordinary. In fact, the 35-year-old from Newark, Delaware, suffers from persistent genital arousal disorder, a condition that she was diagnosed with in 2018. 

It causes her severe pelvic pain every time she is aroused. The pain is so excruciating that she only has sex with her husband once a year.

The former care assistant avoids sex with her husband Robert Bricker because the muscle spasms in her pelvis can last up to four days and leave her bed-ridden. This doesn't account for the genital arousal she experiences at least once a day which causes painful spasms in her vaginal wall and rectum.

"Every time I feel pleasure or arousal, my muscles contract and spasm, and when I orgasm my pelvic muscles go into spasm," she told the Daily Mail.

"Whenever I get aroused my body goes into fight or flight mode. The pain becomes worse and worse. It makes even walking painful. Afterwards I get so itchy.

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"It's difficult because you feel aroused and you want to do something about it, but when you do the pain is so intense," she continued.

Bricker even went as far as saying that even when trying to masturbate, she would get sharp stabbing pains around her clitoris.

According to "Unusual and Rare Psychological Disorders: A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Research", persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD) is a newly recognised condition with limited data on successful treatment. 

It best can be described as persistent physiological arousal in the absence of conscious feelings of sexual desire. "PGAD consists of extended periods of sexual excitement that neither diminish on their own nor resolve with ordinary orgasmic experiences. The arousal is distressing, unwanted, and often painful," it says.

The handbook also mentions that the majority of PGAD cases have been identified in women.