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Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Straight facts about hair

Published Nov 29, 2009


By Lindsay Ord

Lindsay Ord put some commonly asked questions to Durban hairstylist Richard Wyss of Innovation Hair Company and asked him for some straight.

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How often should I wash my hair?

As frequently as necessary - but make sure you use good quality shampoos.

Will 100 brush strokes a day keep my hair glossy?

No. In days gone by people would shampoo their hair once a week and brushing the grease from the scalp down the length of the hair shaft made it shine. Today women wash their hair far more frequently.

How often should I have my hair cut?

Short styles should be trimmed every four to six weeks. For long hair, every eight weeks.

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Can I use a straightening iron every day without damaging my hair?

Using it every day is not recommended.

Is there a difference between shampoos for greasy hair or dry hair or is it just clever marketing?

They have different formulae for different hair conditions - some have more protein while others are moisture-enriched.

How often should I have my hair coloured?

For fashion colours, have it coloured when you want to improve the colour. Grey coverage needs to be done every three to six weeks.

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How important are conditioning products for coloured hair?

They are very important because hair dries out with colour treatments. Conditioning products will give your hair a soft sheen.

Will tying my hair in a pony tail damage it?

Only in extreme cases when hair is pulled back tightly.

What is the difference between salon products and DIY products?

Professional products are essential for chemically treated hair, coarse hair and mechanically damaged hair.

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How do I avoid split ends?

Regular minimal cutting, correct hair care and avoid frequent excessive heat, for example a straightening iron or hairdryer.

How can I tame frizzy hair in humidity?

There are specific products available to tame the frizz. They need to be applied to wet hair then finished with a smoothing agent.

Is air drying better than blow drying?

Yes, it is but it tends to leave the hair flat.

Is hair thickened by regular trimming?

No. The number of hair follicles does not change. If you cut the wispy bits off the ends, it will appear thicker.

Does pool chlorine affect my hair? How do I get rid of the green tinge from the pool?

Chlorine dries the hair so shower immediately after swimming to remove it. Use a deep cleanse treatment to remove the green stain.

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