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Being in your twenties is awkward, to say the least. You’re constantly told to travel, make mistakes and not to settle down too soon because you need to “find yourself” first.

And then, somewhere between learning how to submit a tax return and turning 25, you get an invite from an old high school friend. To their wedding.

One quick scroll through Facebook and it’s confirmed. All your friends are either getting married or engaged… albeit a few still have to ask their parent’s permission before leaving the house, but still.

It begs the question: How? How are people managing to find their soulmates when some of us can’t even pick a ripe avo at the supermarket? 

From accidentally hitting on married people to terrible Tinder dates, dating in your twenties can be brutal.Therefore, it's necessary to occasionally find humour in the misfortune. Here are ten tweets about the reality of dating in your twenties:

It's a "No" from me

Torn between wanting to make a good first impression and being your authentic self

People like to keep their options open, I guess?

But, if you try dating someone else I will be instantly offended

Resorting to online dating and then having immediate regrets

You have to be picky, but not too picky 

You wanna be bae or nah?

At least, if the date goes badly, you have quality content to share on the group chat

The good ones are always taken

Should I be living my best life or trying to settle down?