Oyama Botha launches campaign to celebrate all body types

Celebrating all body types. Picture: Supplied.

Celebrating all body types. Picture: Supplied.

Published Mar 7, 2018


Body positivist blogger for Yammie Hearts and Curves and curvy model, Oyama Botha, together with creative director, Tsholofelo Dumakude, recently hosted the ‘All Bodies Are Beautiful’ meet up — a day dedicated to inspire women to celebrate themselves through #RadicalSelfLove. The event took place at the eclectic bar and restaurant, A Touch of Madness in Observatory, Cape Town.

’All Bodies are Beautiful’ is a concept that has garnered increased popularity over the years, encouraging the public to recognise that, no matter what size, everybody is beautiful. 

The body positivist movement, which essentially inspires acceptance and value of one’s body, stemmed from this concept and has prompted more people to celebrate their bodies.

Beautiful women. Picture: Supplied. 

The meet up is part of a series of events that will take place throughout the year, under various themes. Underwear and fashion were on the conversation hot-list for this meetup. 

Botha shared her experience of finding the right underwear for her body and gave guests practical tips, while highlighting the impact of what daily affirmations, self-compliments and good underwear can have towards building confidence. 

“It is very important that we have relationships with ourselves, so instead of buying lingerie to impress someone else, buy it with yourself in mind.

"Matching underwear always makes me feel like my day is about to be off to a great start and I am in charge”, said Botha. 

Beautiful smiles with colourful florals. Picture: Supplied. 

Dumakude, who led the ‘colourful florals’ themed photoshoot said, “we’re all flowers waiting to blossom but without sunlight, we’d die. All the ladies who attended were someone’s sunlight and the idea was to bring people together who’d help each other bloom.”

Each gathering is geared at building a South African body positivity network to remind people that acceptance and value of all body types is necessary for overall understanding of different types of people.

The next meet up is in the pipeline and you can stay informed by following @oyamabotha  and @tsholula_d on Instagram, for more details.

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