A parent's guide to stress-free Christmas travel
David Carter, from Accident Advice Helpline says:  “being stressed during a drive can impact your attentiveness and driving style which ultimately might result in a road accident. We deal with the aftermath of accidents and know how life-changing it can be for victims and their loved ones.

“During the winter months it’s even more important to stay alert and focused on the road, as adverse weather conditions inevitably make driving more challenging”.
Parent’s top 20 tips for stress-free Christmas travel
  • Always leave extra time for your journey.
  • Check traffic conditions before you set off.
  • Make sandwiches, snacks and drinks for the journey.
  • Make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone.
  • Fill the car up the day/night before.
  • Clear your windows and mirrors completely before you set off.
  • Give the family a chance to relax with a 15 minute break every two hours for longer trips.
  • Compile the ultimate Christmas playlist beforehand to keep attention on the road.
  • Take games and toys to entertain the kids.
  • Take emergency equipment (like extra water, flashlights, road flares, a car jack and spare tire) for peace of mind.
  • Take blankets and pillows with you to allow passengers to sleep on the journey.
  • Maintain the season of goodwill with forgiveness for driving errors.
  • Pack the car the night before.
  • Carry loose change for tolls or parking.
  • Play a Christmas-themed game with the family.
  • Have your car serviced in the weeks leading up to your drive, with fluid levels checked and tires balanced.
  • Take a portable DVD player – with countless DVDs.
  • Join a roadside rescue service.
  • Get into the right mind-set before you leave. Be positive that the journey will be stress free.
  • Charge your sat nav and program it before the drive. 
Daily Mail