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Monday, May 23, 2022

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A secret shared: Why new age micro-needling can really save face

Published May 6, 2022


If you want to try micro-needling – and we’re going to tell you why it’s so worth it – the type you chose can not only improve your skin’s health and condition, but actually save it from potential harm too. We know you love the skin you’re in but everybody struggles with issues unique to their skin type.

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From being extremely sun sensitive to pigmentation left behind has a result of injury or even simply acne breakouts, unfortunately that’s the life of skin.

Want to hit the sweet spot? Suitable for all skin types, The Secret RF Fractional micro-needling cuts down on skin trauma thanks to cauterisation. So as the needles hit, your skin doesn’t bleed. However, that much-needed collagen and elastin is turbo-charged and ready to repair. This means a real anti-aging solution too!

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What’s bugging? The Secret™ RF Fractional micro-needling and your skin conditions

De-ageing skin means different things to different people. Do you automatically think lines and wrinkles when imaging your skin maturing?

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For some it’s skin laxity that needs firmness once more. For others, sun damage and uneven tone and texture. A treatment that can work on many issues to improve you skin’s health, as well as it’s look and feel, sounds like a bit of a miracle worker.

Certainly the modern tech behind the Secret™ RF’s device-driven therapy gives the skin help with specific individual concerns. This is because the needles (the ones that cause those micro-injuries telling skin it needs to go into robust repair mode) can deliver energy at different depths.

That’s the power of micro-needling when teamed up with radio frequency, and it’s the same for scarring, including acne scars. That collagen your skin craves is stimulated and remodelled, however because this treatment is suitable for all skin types, the risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation doesn’t need to stress you out.

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Skin saving: Why getting your micro-needling right really matters

So for a treatment that’s able to be tailored to your personal skin needs and is able to repair so many signs of ageing, expect lots of downtime right? No! And it’s all thanks to cutting out skin trauma during the treatment itself. This is especially important if you are worried about or already experience PIH.

The science behind a safer and less damaging therapy is cauterisation. Because skin-smart duo micro-needling and radio frequency work together, the needles may penetrate your skin however it only cauterises the skin so there’s no bleeding.

So while your skin may look a little red or feel sensitive on the day of the treatment, there’s no having to hide your face until it heals. And your facial area isn’t the only part of your body you can treat for scarring or ageing concerns.

Want to work on your stretchmarks? Other types of body scars can be treated too and without the worry of “will this affect my skin type?”

We love spreading good news. While ageing is part of every skin’s journey, there’s no need to live with anything you’re unhappy with. For that, with no disruption to your schedule – or your skin – you know the secret. You’re very welcome!

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