An in-depth look at Botox, fillers and threads

Find out more about these non-invasive, no downtime anti-ageing solutions.

Find out more about these non-invasive, no downtime anti-ageing solutions.

Published Feb 15, 2021


If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between botulinum injections (commonly referred to as Botox), dermal fillers and threads you’ll be glad to know we recently broke it down for you over here. While it’s good to know that botulinum is primarily a wrinkle-buster and that fillers are perfect for plumping, there’s so much more these aesthetic treatments can do – and that’s before we’ve even discussed threads!

To find out just exactly what these non-invasive, no downtime anti-ageing – and even health-improving – solutions can do, we’re going to take a closer look.

Botox – the big multi-tasker

Interestingly, smoothing wrinkles isn’t the only thing botulinum treatments are brilliant at. At Skin Renewal, you’ll find highly-skilled aesthetic doctors also use this multi-tasking muscle-relaxing injectable to safely treat a myriad of conditions that range from excess sweating (known as hyperhidrosis) to migraines. In fact, they’re even successfully using it to improve the look of a gummy smile! The latter is done by injecting it into the muscle just above the lip that is usually hyperactive, meaning it pulls the top lip up a little too high when the patient smiles. By relaxing it, the lip doesn’t slide up as high to reveal the gums. As with all botulinum treatments, the effects only last a few months, but there’s nothing stopping you from topping up the treatment as often as is necessary to maintain the results.

The fine art of fillers

Dermal filler is a great way to instantly add a little volume to your face – be it to create a plumper pout or enhance your cheek bones. However, the results will always depend on the skill of your injector. The doctors at Skin Renewal don’t just ‘point and shoot’. Each has been extensively trained in the MD Codes method. Created by one of the world’s most famous plastic surgeons, it’s a finite guide for a series of injection points based on a much deeper understanding of facial anatomy. The goal? To not just treat the current signs of ageing but act preventively too, knowing that what you do to one part of the face can have a knock-on effect on another.

As an example, when using the MD Codes method to plump up the hollows under a patient’s eyes, the doctor wouldn’t just inject filler into the area. They’d realise it could shift downwards and create undereye bags. So, instead, they’d inject a more viscous filler to the tops of your cheeks, essentially creating a dam wall to ensure your under eye filler remains in place while having the added bonus of making your cheek bones pop! That’s the MD Codes difference.

Not all threads are created equally

Thought threads were just for lifting? Think again! There are two types that can lift, tighten and re-drape your skin, the first being suspension sutures. The other kind are called barbed and anchor threads and yep, they’re exactly what they sound like. They feature tiny barbs that help them sit tight in your skin while lifting targeted areas that are sagging. Still, not all threads exist to lift. Monofilament threads are known as the “strengtheners”. They’re used to fortifying the skin in areas where it’s thinning and do a good job of encouraging collagen production and improving circulation wherever they’re placed. While they’ll dissolve in just six months, their effects can be very visible and last for up to another six months.

Another type of thread commonly inserted at Skin Renewal is the specialty type, such as the Peako thread. It was designed to perform non-surgical nose jobs and can be used to lift the tip of a nose or correct a slightly skew bridge. Genius!

To learn more about the incredible rejuvenating power of injectable treatments and threads, visit Skin Renewal online. Their highly-skilled doctors can help you look like the very best version of you – nobody else.

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