There’s a wide variety of boots on-trend this season, from chunky platforms to knee-high boots.
There’s a wide variety of boots on-trend this season, from chunky platforms to knee-high boots.

Boot it up with this season’s must-have styles

By Brandstories Time of article published Jun 2, 2021

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Winter is the perfect time to refresh and revamp your wardrobe, so get ready to ditch a few of your summer faves and embrace the colder days ahead.

With the gradual drop in temperatures comes maxi dresses, jeans, cosy knitwear and our all-time favourite, winter boots. While we may still be too early to throw on Malton coats and cosy headwear, Autumn is the ideal season for boots of all trends and colours.

Maxi dress

Trends to look out for this season

Amidst the pandemic, many people have found themselves working remotely, occasionally attending zoom meetings and it’s fair to say that the idea of planning an outfit that’s appropriate for more than just a video meeting can be discouraging. Fortunately, thanks to Pinterest boards, Instagram fashion bloggers and Tik Tok fashion trends, there’s plenty of room to experiment with your style when it comes to this season’s hooters boot trends.

Combat Boot

We know, we know. There’s a wide variety of boots on-trend this season, from chunky platforms to knee-high boots, but one style that seems to make a consistent comeback that we’re obsessed with is the combat boot. Valuable and versatile, the combat boot is an old faithful that could never steer your outfit wrong. Predictable? Sure. Overused? Never.

Combat boots

From colourful track soled platforms to the essential black combat boots, the combat boot is rarely a wrong choice for a boot. While it may not be the statement piece of your outfit, its versatility and durability make it the best supporting star for any outfit. Whether you are keen on pairing it with a long dress or simply in the mood for a more chic laid back look with a midi dress, the combat boot is the perfect Autumn staple every wardrobe needs.

Midi dress

Ankle Boot

You can’t deny that the ankle boot is in it for the long haul. While we may not officially be in winter just yet, ankle boots are a great staple all year round, and you’ve got to admit, the little black boot holds a lot of power; all it takes is finding the best option on the market that suits your style.

Ankle boots

From dresses to jumpsuits, the ankle boots versatility makes styling it effortless and stress-free. While the silhouette may have changed to match the latest fashion trends, the classic style has remained on-trend and practical each year.


For a bold and more elevated look, pair them with a knitted dress, stockings and gold accessories. Although, if you are interested in a more subtle ensemble, pair them with some basic linen trousers, a statement blouse and a black leather jacket for an extra pop.

Knitted dress

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