Save time and money while getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep from
Save time and money while getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep from

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By Partnered Copy Time of article published Apr 20, 2020

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Running out of your grocery staples, but don’t want to leave the comfort and safety of your home? Save time and  money while getting everything you need, delivered right to your doorstep. For all your essential  needs, we’ve narrowed down some of’s  best sellers that we know you’ll need.

Sodastream Zeros - Lemonade Syrup
Quench your thirst and turn your tap water into delicious sparkling water with the SodaStream Zero Lemonade Syrup. The naturally sparkling drink mix contains nearly no calories, offering you a healthier alternative. Creating your own flavoured sparkling water at home in an instant! Simply carbonate water with your SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker (sold separately), add your flavour and enjoy the refreshment! Buy now for R52 at

C&B Mayonnaise Jar
Perfect for any side dish or sandwich, Cross and Blackwell’s Tangy mayonnaise is a must-have in any household. Say goodbye to flavourless dishes and hello to flavourful and tasty dishes. Serve with salad or simply as a dip, enjoy the jar full of goodness perfect for any occasion. Shop online for only R21 at

All Gold  Apricot Jam
Filled with rich and ripe Cape Apricots, All Gold’s Apricot Jam is perfect for any occasion. Let your taste buds tingle and reach for it whenever you need, whether you simply need it on toast or when baking. Its gentle smooth spread and exquisite apricot taste will leave you wanting more. Shop online for only R19 at

Montagu Peach Fruit Flakes
Feeling peckish? Why not opt for a healthier and lighter option with Montague’s Peach Fruit Flakes. Deliciously sweet, with no added sugar and preservatives, these peach fruit flakes are the perfect treat for the whole family. This on-the-go snack, pack of 10 is ideal for any time snacking. Tantalise your taste buds and shop online for R117 at

Future Life smart food
Start your day, the smart way with Future Life’s smart food. Improve your health and wellbeing by enjoying it as a meal, snack, shake or smoothie. Scientifically formulated, with a low GI and high in Energy, Protein and Dietary Fibre Future Life’s smart food is ideal for anyone interested in improving their health. Mixing instantly with just water or milk, it requires no cooking, making it great for the whole family. Buy online for only R39 at

Douwe Egberts Dark Roast Instant Coffee 
Create the perfect cup of coffee to start or finish off your day. Experience the taste and aroma of Douwe Pure Indulgence instant coffee. Made from a blend of the finest quality beans, its rich and velvety flavour makes it the perfect cup of coffee for that special me moment in your day. Its flavour rich tones and rich aroma will appeal to almost all coffee lovers and leave them wanting more. Click here to buy now for only R116 at

Shredded Tuna in Salt Water Can 
Enjoy as a topping or on any sandwich, the shredded tuna is ideal for any on the go snack. As one of the most versatile fish, these tender tuna pieces will turn any snack, salad and appetisers into a mouth full of goodness. Buy now for only R18 at

Koo Baked Beans
Save yourself the time and hassle with Koo’s canned baked beans. Coming from established farms the tomato canned baked beans will help you make quality, tasty meals every time. Fill up your pantry and kitchen and take your salad, curry or side dish to the next level. Shop online now for only R16 at

Pasta Joy Spaghetti Pasta 
Create easy cost-effective meals, with Pasta Joy’s spaghetti pasta. Turn heads at the table and cook the perfect pasta dish for your family. Containing a higher protein than the average soft wheat pasta and produced from premium quality soft wheat sourced from the heart of Europe, leave your family wanting more at the dinner table. Buy now for only R10 at

Mrs Balls Chutney Bottle
Bring home the iconic taste of sweet and spicy to your family. Perfect for all-round use, Mrs Balls Chutney will add a distinctive flavour to any meal. Winning the hearts of many makes it the ideal companion in any kitchen. Add a dash to any meal and create the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Shop online for only R29 at

Five Roses Teabags
Kick back and relax with the perfect cup of tea. Handpicked from the lush highlands of Sri Lanka and blended with the highest quality teas from other select estates, you’ll be sipping one cup after the next. Ideal for all tea-lovers, Five Roses brings a distinctive and exceptional you’ll love and trust. Get it now for only R45 at

If you need to stock up with pantry essentials, beverages, household cleaning products, pet essentials, all you need for your baby and toddler, the obvious lockdown sanitisers and other basics plus a whole lot more, visit the Loot Essentials shop today and have your order delivered to your door.

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