Do guys find animal prints sexy?
Do guys find animal prints sexy?

#GetTheLook - Do guys find animal prints sexy?

By Partnered Content Time of article published Jul 28, 2019

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While women love following fashion trends and like to be sure we’re keeping up with our favourite celebs by constantly updating our wardrobes, most guys are simple creatures and have no clue what is going on in the world of women’s fashion.

So, with leopard, tiger, snake and zebra prints being all the rage now we wanted to know what guys really think about women wearing animal prints.

Leopard print crop style top with long sleeves. Pic:
Crispin - 26 years old, Social Media Specialist

For me leopard print is synonymous with elegance, maturity and success of a womxn. It’s a signal much like the mane of a lion. A signal that says: “I’ve made it, I know what I want, I’m going to get what I want”. 

When one wears leopard print and enters a room, I can’t help myself but be drawn in, you know? It possesses this alluring energy that for the weak is entirely intimidating. However, for the brave, it is entirely enticing.

Nine times out of 10 leopard print is accompanied by luxurious material, the highest quality and will forever remain this symbol due to the type of womxn who drapes it over their body.

"I feel empowered when I wear leopard-print, which comes as no surprise when you consider that female leopards are the hunters of their pride!" - Claudia Schiffer

Joy Collectables  animal print peak cap. Pic:
Luther - 24 years old, Graduate in Film Studies and Media Writing

I associate animal prints with Cougars, who in addition to being mountain cats, are attractive females who seek relationships with younger men. Thus, the link between animals and attractive, accomplished women!

While the trope is often that these women seduce men while looking irresistible in animal print clothing, this is not always the case in reality. 

Stiletto animal print shoes will always be on trend.

Zebra print stilettos. Pic:
It will always be considered sexy and has become a popular fashion trend because of its ability to strike fear, and thus arousal, into the hearts of men. 

Nothing is sexier than confidence. So strut your stuff in whatever YOU like, regardless of opinion, is always sexy.

If you don’t feel like going the whole way with the animal print trend, we have found a few accessories that will help to bring out the lioness in you!

Badgirl Poolside ladies sunnies from

Animal print shopper from

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