Stay fit in the comfort of your own home by turning your home into your very own personal gym.
Stay fit in the comfort of your own home by turning your home into your very own personal gym. Pic: NULL

Lockdown: Stay fit with your own home gym

By Partnered Content Time of article published Mar 26, 2020

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While we find ourselves in uncertain times, it is still important to take our fitness and health into consideration. Stay as fit as a fiddle, in the comfort of your own home and be your own personal trainer. Turn your home into your very own personal gym with the following items.


Treadmill. Pic: Supplied by

Get your heart pumping and your adrenaline jumping with the perfect treadmill. Crafted for runners who want both endurance and interval training. Reach your fitness and cardio goals with the perfect running partner. Shop online at

Jiggy Eva Gym Floor Mat

Jiggy Eva Gym Floor Mat.

Bring style and warmth into your home, with the Jiggy Eva gym floor mat. Perfect for a variety of workouts such as yoga cardio and weight training, the puzzle gym floor mats create a comfortable, cushioning workout floor just about anywhere. Simply place the mat on the floor and you’re good to go, the soft cushioning effect will ensure that your workout is comfortable, whilst also protecting your floor and gym equipment. Buy now for only R399 at

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat.

Turn your home into a sacred and magical place with a yoga mat. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, a yoga mat is bound to bring you the peace you need. Made from a  non-slip material with a raised bobble texture, our yoga mats are designed to help boost your yoga workout. Its tacky surface helps increase traction for better control whilst a textured base material grips the floor to reduce movement mid-pose. Boost your yoga workout now at

Ab Wheel

Get defined abs, toned arms and shoulders all in the comfort of your own home. The  Angry Fit Exercise Wheel boosts the ability to both trim and tone waistlines. Moreover, it’s easy to use when necessary. Thanks to the durable design, comfortability and firm handles, it allows you to get Angry Fit for longer without any discomfort. Get those muscles working hard for only R135 at

Reebok Ankle weights and dumbells

Reebok Ankle weights and dumbells.

Intensify your training with the Reebok ankle weights and dumbells. Add them to any floor workouts or home workout,  the wrist weights are the perfect fitness accessory to add dimension to your workout and push you to the extra level. with an added calorie burn.

The pair of grey and blue wrist weights from the Reebok Women's Training range features a unique thumb sleeve as well as an easily adjustable hook and loop closure. Increase your strength training, for only R369 at

Resistance Training Set

Strengthen your core, arms, shoulders and back with the resistance Angry Fit Training Set.

Equipped with comfortable grips, you can start your workout regime without having to worry about the equipment hurting you. With three very versatile resistance bands, it's perfect for toning and targeting specific muscles. This 3-in-1 set comes with a compact and easy to carry drawstring bag, allowing for simple storage with maximum benefits. Get yours for only R109 at

Speed skipping rope

Improve your fitness, stamina and speed with the speed skipping rope. Stay fit and healthy by creating or following an easy skipping rope workout. The Speed skipping rope is a great addition to any home that’s looking to stay in shape.  It’s lightweight handles allow for easy and speedy manoeuvring. Jump into the swing of things for only R54 at 

Reebok Stability Gym Ball

Gym Ball.

Start sculpting your muscles with the Reebok Stability gym ball,in the comfort of your own home. Possibly one of the most versatile and accessible pieces of training equipment, the gym ball can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises which will improve your core strength, posture and flexibility considerably. Kickstart your gym ball workout with a complete workout DVD and fundamental pump for R642 at

Aerobic Step

Step up your cardio and coordination fitness with the angry fit aerobic step. Target almost every muscle group with just one step. Raised lunges will get those hamstrings working hard, whereas raised push-ups will work the arms, chest and shoulders. Not to mention those step and Zumba workouts to get that ticker of yours pumping. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry from one place to the other while also making storage hassle-free. Get yours for R289 at

Water Bottles

Stay hydrated during each workout for top performance. Fuel your workouts session after session with the most essential tool to reach your fitness goals. Ideal for pre-workouts and post workouts, prepare to quench your thirst. Shop online for R109 at

One Series Indoor Bike

Indoor bike.

Improve your workout technique and burn calories with the Reebok GSB One Series Indoor Bike. Designed for advanced home cycling, the GSB Bike brings the spin class to you. Featuring 32 resistance levels and a large 18 kg flywheel, the GSB provides all the tools for total spin performance. Gain the strength, speed and fitness you desire for only R9 699 at

Reebok Zjet Rower


Row yourself to your fitness victory goals with the Reebok Zjet Rower. Helping to tax both your stamina and muscles, the ZJET Rower provides a smooth rotation for seamless performance on each stroke. With 12 pre-set workouts, it’s ideal for any gym fanatic wanting challenging rowing cardio. Experience the health benefits of indoor rowing for only R8 499 at

Resistance Training

Increase your mobility, core strength and experience the feel of real resistance training with the Angry Fit Resistance Loops. Get fit wherever you like, with its compact design you can easily fit them in your kit bag and use them whenever the feeling for a workout strikes you. What is great about the resistance loops is that it can be used for everyone and anyone, the workout is only as hard as you make it. Get yours for only R59 at

Pilates Bands

Perfect for a warm-up or stretch workout at home, the Adidas Pilates Bands are a simple tool with great benefits. Unlike normal resistance bands, the Adidas Pilates Bands are recommended by physiotherapists to speed up the recovery process, helping you gain back strength and mobility following injury. Light and compact, the Adidas Pilates Bands are ideal for a safe and effective workout. Shop now for only R277 at

Powerball Handheld Exercise

Turn your home into your personal workout space with the Powerspin handheld exercise. Regardless of your current fitness level, each and every spin tightens and pumps your muscles within seconds. Engage and tone your muscle mass in the arms, chest and shoulder area whilst burning calories too. Buy now for only R293 at

Electronic toning and workout equipment

Beaurer EMS TENS

Target and strengthen your muscles while avoiding unnecessary injuries with the Beurer EM TENS Electronic Toning and Workout Equipment. The back belt with TENS device is the perfect aid if you have pain in the lower back. It can be used flexibly and is suitable for everyone with its extension strap. Turn a day of lounging into a passive yet effective workout. Shop online for only R999 at

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