No more Zoom and Gloom!

Zoom calls have led to increased medical aesthetic appointments

Zoom calls have led to increased medical aesthetic appointments

Published Sep 27, 2021


Zoom inspired facials that leave you looking refreshed and feeling amazing

Connecting with colleagues and friends is more virtual than ever before, which unfortunately means many of us suffer from the "Zoom and Gloom" phenomenon. What’s the deal? It’s the feeling of despair you get after turning on the camera of your device and understanding that the tired-looking face staring back at you is your own.

What this may lead to is, rather than seeing your complexion as a whole, you simply hone in on your flaws. And that’s not a feel-good state to be in.

If this sounds like your headspace, you're not alone. Many Zoom calls have led to increased medical aesthetic appointments with skilled experts, like with the team at Skin Renewal.

Our doctors and therapists are able to guide you, helping suggest the "tweakments" right for you. Just a few, mean you can look refreshed and most importantly, feel good in no time at all. Because let's face it, when you look good, you feel good too!

Eyes Right, Eyes Bright!

Your eyes show many issues that are almost impossible to hide: when you smile, you notice your crow's feet, when you don't, you see the hollows or rings underneath. It’s often a can’t-win situation.

Unfortunately the eye area shows up ageing and fatigue more than any other area of the face. Happily, there's a lot that can be changed and managed. First off, considerably diminishing the appearance of lines around the eyes with just a few wrinkle-relaxing injections makes a remarkable difference. This treatment is a quick in-and-out (aesthetic doctor’s rooms) and the results will be visible within a week.

Next, if dark circles are your bugbear, help with lightening up is seamless through use of dermal filler injections. Doing this creates a layer between the thin skin of the undereye area and the dark veins just beneath. The result? A refreshed you, and perhaps even no more concealer. Too much concealer – which is tempting to use if you feel embarrassed or hyper-aware of your dark circles – simply makes any creasing look worse.

For an "all-rounder" treatment for excellent eye restoration is Jett Plasma Eye Rejuvenation. With plasma technology to stimulate the production of new collagen (this helps firm and tighten the area), this hard-working anti-ager affords you minimum downtime. Considering you’re spending more time at home anyway, now is best time to rejuvenate this key zone of your face.

Be a Glow Getter!

Apart from aged, tired-looking eyes, other Zoom-related concerns include how dull skin looks on screen. A lot of lacklustre, dullness can be thanks to stress – especially increased levels - and a shortage of self-care. This is why it’s so important to take your skin on a journey in conjunction with an expert medical aesthetic professional. Our team at Skin Renewal are committed to putting and keeping you on the right track.

They'll be able to suggest ways you can manage stress, recommend the best nutrition and help you supplement with a tailored "prescription" of top-quality nutraceuticals. You’ll be guided as to the corrected skincare regime using active medical-grade skincare products.

While spot-on homecare can help get your skin healthy and beautifully illuminated, you'll get even better results with in-clinic treatments. Again, our doctors and highly-trained skincare therapists will be able to assess your skin's condition and suggest a collective solutions package tailored to your individual needs.

Post-winter, dryness is always a concern. Your skin may still be presenting as dehydrated and even flaky. Ditch the tired notion that a steam and cream will sort out these issues and instead book your face in for a highly innovative facial.

The HydraTouch facial means several treatments in one; think exfoliation, hydration and plumping leaving your complexion instantly radiant. And should your schedule be more social this summer, this facial is the ticket for special occasions.

In need of a little freshening up? Next time you hear that Zoom incoming call ring tone, know you’ll be able to answer with confidence. The best version of you is just an appointment away for a customised plan that’ll take you from tired to terrific.