Proscan now offers affordable, state-of-the-art CT and MRI body scans

Welcome to the imaging solution you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to the imaging solution you’ve been looking for.

Published Jul 29, 2022


Proscan Radiology is a radiology practice with a patient focused approach.

It is a stand alone facility with dedicated parking offering patient convenience.

Our services include all radiological modalities. One of the highlights is our CT scanner which is fast, comfortable and delivers low dose scans for patients while assuring high-quality images for clinicians.

Computed tomography is commonly referred to as a CT scan. A CT scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of X-rays and computer technology to produce images of the inside of the body. It shows detailed images of any part of the body, including the bones, muscles, fat, organs and blood vessels. CT scans are more detailed than standard X-rays.

Affordable scans for private and medical aid patients:

SOMATOM go.Up exceeds expectations in critical areas:


With every scan, you can expect consistent, high-quality images, for visualization of the finer details.

Low Dose

Now our CT will automate customized dose for each patient – based on size, weight, and anatomy.

Patient Comfort

Utilize a tablet-based workflow to ensure technologists have more time to focus on patient needs.


With personalized scanning, attain consistently reliable results across your diverse patient population.

Welcome to the imaging solution you’ve been looking for.