Having these systems installed can help prevent and protect your home from certain potential events such as break-ins.
Having these systems installed can help prevent and protect your home from certain potential events such as break-ins.

Safety first: here’s how you can upgrade your home security

By Brandstories Time of article published Jul 28, 2021

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A home should be a space in which you and your loved ones feel safe and secure. This is why you should ensure your household offers a sense of security and protection for those living in it.

Security camera

When we think of safety in our homes, security cameras, alarms, and gated access tend to be our first thought. Having these systems installed can help prevent and protect your home from potential events such as break-ins and home intruders.

Installing these items can be a bit daunting, but here’s why you should:

Protect your family and valuables. Having a security camera set up can potentially stop intruders from accessing your home. And in the event that someone does break-in, you’ll have video footage which you may require for the police, insurance or identification purposes.

Save on electricity. Electricity in South Africa is already a significant expense in households. Therefore, having access to a solar panel can lighten the load on your CCTV cameras.

Peace of mind. Whether you’re on the go or at home, having access to safety items such as pepper spray, tasers, and air pistols can give you a sense of security. Providing you with self-defence, having these items on hand will give you more confidence in your safety against potential harm.

Solar panel

According to crime stats from StatsSA, over 40 000 homes have been broken into between January and March 2021 in South Africa. To reduce the risk of a home invasion, upgrade up your home security with the following recommended items:

Bluetooth enabled keypad - Easy to install and wireless. The Danapad controls who has access to your home. It’s smart-access keypad allows you and those you trust to have secure access to your home with it’s bluetooth interface.

Smart door lock - Say goodbye to old-school door handles because it’s time for an upgrade. Using an encrypted safety zone, password and /or fingerprint access, the smart door lock enhances your home’s security while also granting you privacy. This eliminates the threat of entry from losing your house keys or having them stolen.

Air pistol - If you’re looking for a safe way to protect yourself in an emergency, an air pistol is a definite option. Made to shoot out pellets by means of compressed air, research shows that owners of air pistols stand a 92% chance of scaring off intruders in most self-defense scenarios.

Solar flood light - Load Shedding can impact on your home security. Using sunlight as its energy source, these solar flood lights can detect and deter any suspicious activity by automatically switching on and off, even during a power outage. They provide the warning you need if someone is trying to gain access to your property

Security cameras - By setting up security cameras, you’ll be able to live-view recordings on your property. Using WiFi connection and a voice assistant, you’ll have access to instant alerts and a live video feed if someone is on your property. This is especially useful if you are travelling or not at home.

Video doorbell - Nothing says “security upgrade” like a video doorbell. Using motion detection and a reliable WIFI connection, you’ll receive live notifications as to what’s happening at your front door. With one simple app, you and your loved ones can have complete control and viewing access when someone approaches your home.

Zone energiser - Take your home security to the next level when you install a zone energiser. Designed to create a high-voltage pulse during a power outage or short, this compact and solar enabled gadget is the ideal security companion during a power outage.

Motorised smart lock - Lock and unlock your front door effortlessly. Manage and monitor your home even when you’re away, with the smart lock’s advanced encryption method and bluetooth functionality. Ensure that your home is safe and secure by giving access anywhere; anytime to people you trust.

Personal safety

While securing your home is crucial, ensuring your personal safety is just as important. Whether you’re on the road or at work, with the following self-defence items, you could protect yourself from potential harm.

Alarm keyring- You know the saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages? Well, these powerful little devices are just that. In case of an emergency, your personal alarm can be easily attached to your keyring or kept in your bag. With just one pull, this siren has the power to scare away any intruder, and alert others of your emergency.

Pepper spray- Providing you with a burst of a heated chemical substance, carrying a pepper spray with your is a great self-defense gadget. With a range of up to 5m, you can spray this bad boy head-on at any attacker for up to 10 seconds before making your escape to safety.

Alarm keyring

Your safety should be a priority. Safeguard yourself and your family when you upgrade your home’s security today! Shop our most popular household security products and more at Loot.

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