The clothes we wear do more than just cover us, they are also a visual representation of who we are.
The clothes we wear do more than just cover us, they are also a visual representation of who we are.

The last days of summer - a look for every occasion

By Brandstories Time of article published Feb 19, 2021

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Over the past year, our personal and professional lives have changed tremendously and so have the outfits we decide to wear. The clothes we wear do more than just cover us, they are also a visual representation of who we are.

Whether you love slipping into your favourite leggings or strutting around the house in your black harem pants, levelling up your outfit with simple yet versatile pieces can instantly lift your spirit and boost your confidence.

Black Harem pants

Working 9 to 5

Ring ring’, your manager just called and informed you that it's time to head back to the office. You’ve been working remotely for a couple of months and you can’t remember what it feels like to be in an environment that doesn’t solely consist of just you and your laptop.

Anxious yet excited to go back, you decide to plan your outfit like it’s back to school days. You walk towards your wardrobe, open the doors and tilt your head. You choose to keep things simple by grabbing a black button-up shirt and casual black pants. To tie the whole look together, you throw on some comfy white sneakers and cardigan for layering.

Classic black jumpsuit

A Quick Run To The Mall

From last-minute grocery runs to balancing your personal and professional life, things can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. And, let’s be honest when it comes to running errands, comfort is key.

Rather than spending an unnecessary amount of time on getting all dolled up, you opt for a comfier (yet chic) look with a jumpsuit or cute knitted loungewear. This way you’ll look cute on the go, you’ll be comfortable and it’ll take you half the time to do it. We love a savvy queen!

Sleeveless Ribbed Jumpsuit

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

As we countdown the last days of summer, it’s the perfect time to hit the beach or the botanical gardens to soak up the sun with a few friends and family.

Picture this, it’s a Sunday afternoon and you and your friends are finally all available for a fun day out. The sun is shining and there’s a gentle breeze. It’s perfect weather to wear a dress. You grab the widest straw hat you can find, your pastel framed sunnies, your mask and your sanitiser then ready to hit the road.

Lounge Tiered Dress

50 First Dates

Just because Valentine’s Day is over doesn’t mean date night has to wait until next year. It’s all about soft living and loving your partner loudly, proudly and consistently.

Whether you plan on staying indoors or having a simple dinner, you can never go wrong with a classy little black dress. If you prefer a more modest look, opt for a patterned midi skirt layered with a bodysuit and a cardigan will do just the trick.

Silk-Like Spot Print Midi Skirt

Make your date and outfit memorable every time.

It’s a Guy Thing

Unlike your favourite sports team, your crew will never disappoint you. And, between balancing work, family and taking those Ls you guys finally have an evening to unwind and enjoy a couple of rounds of pool and dominoes.

Since it’s just an evening with the guys you decide to keep things simple and casual by throwing on a basic black t-shirt, joggers and a pair of thong sandals.

Roll Neck T-shirt

It’s the last days of summer so explore your style and create a fabulous look in minutes with StyleMode.

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