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Monday, August 8, 2022

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The science behind injectables and the benefits they deliver

Here’s an advice-driven guide to the basic differences on four fabulous innovative injectables.

Here’s an advice-driven guide to the basic differences on four fabulous innovative injectables.

Published Aug 5, 2022


The world of injectables has expanded beyond the all-time favourite power couple that is Botox and Fillers.

And while those remain high on the hit list, new treatments that can do other incredible things giving you options to literally save face. And the beauty lies in their differences.

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You may want to keep at it with your gold-standard neurotoxins and dermal volumisers (we don’t blame you), and add in a new-age injectable that helps boosts collagen for instance. And now you can! So think a “more is more” approach rather than injectables in isolation. Got your interest? Here’s an advice-driven guide to the basic differences on four fabulous innovative injectables:

Profhilo: Tighten that loose skin

An injectable known as bio-remodelling, Profhilo works with the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) available on the market. This is very good news for skin. Naturally occurring in your body, HA is something of a wonder molecule. It gives skin moisture but as you get older, so HA levels dip. And continue to dip.

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That’s where adding HA is such a smart hack. Injectables like Profhilo work on the concept of slowly releasing HA into skin so your face – or hands, arms or neck – can gradually be lifted and tightened over time. This process gets your collagen and elastin (those essential anti-aging proteins) revved up so that the skin you’re treating looks better.

Think boosted tone, texture, hydration and a smoothness in fine lines. While this isn’t a swap for wrinkle injection treatments, for overall skin condition and to firm up loose skin, remodel your way to a fresher looking you.

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Restylane®️/ Magic Mesolift: Skin boost age away

Heard of skin boosters? Used as injectables these Restylane beauties combine both magic HA and growth factors to give your skin a ton of benefits. It’s all about the quality of skin, especially as time ticks away. If you’re dealing with loss of hydration, firmness, as well texture issues and wanting to treat those fine lines and wrinkles, this means of bio-stimulation gives your skin what it needs to kickstart renewal.

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Skin boosters guard collagen, all the while increasing tissue needed to remodel skin. Added good-for-skin ingredients like growth factors, vitamins, co-enzymes, amino acids, anti-oxidants and minerals re-charge it and help with turning back the clock. Yes please!

HArmonyCA: Lift with a hybrid-dermal volumiser

Hybrid what? This is where the more is more approach gets so exciting. Need instant lift? With this HArmonyCA bio-remodelling treatment you get that and so much more. For a face that’s lost volume, two ingredients work better than one. HA teamed with Calcium Hydroxyapatite microspheres (that’s the science bit done), bring you beautiful benefits.

You’re looking at not just volumising and lifting, but skin rewards like tightening, collagen stimulation, an elasticity boost, hydration, glow, better skin smoothness – and for wrinkles too! And this is one new-age injectable that can be quite targeted rather than just an overall skin star. Chat through options with your expert Skin Renewal medical aesthetic doctor – honing in on areas like jawline or the bridge of your nose means you can treat specific zones.

Sculptra: Regain collagen to tighten and firm

Another biostimulator, this type of slow-release treatment means your skin is able to switch on its own collagen again. Making its own and rebuilding essential proteins that get broken down over time, without it, skin simply loses firmness and elasticity.

As Sculptra works by forming collagen from the inside out, even those lines that you thought were there to stay will gradually be smoothed out. It may not be an instant process, but over time, more and more collagen is restored. This helps rebuild the skin’s scaffolding (the inside framework). In other words, collagen is created right where it needs to be – deep inside the facial contours.

Feeling excited about starting your new-age injectable journey? With Skin Renewal there is beauty in the difference, and a choice to meets the needs of everyone’s skin challenges and conditions. Ideal for those just starting out or those want to step up their game face, we’re here to guide and support you as you take your skin to its healthiest and happiest level yet.

Want to learn more about what innovative injectable technique will get the results you desire? Watch this space to understand the questions you need to ask your medical aesthetic doctor