Don't believe people who say you're either born with it or not- chill can be acquired.
Pic: Supplied
Don't believe people who say you're either born with it or not- chill can be acquired. Pic: Supplied

The tailored guide to self-improvement

By Partnered Content Time of article published Mar 31, 2020

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You've probably lost count of the times you've heard the saying, "The only constant in life is change". But don't write it off as just another cliche. There's actually a
wealth of wisdom in that seemingly straightforward sentence.

Take two men whose lives are worlds apart, and there's one similarity you can bet on finding: the desire for something new. It could be a new job, new car, phone or sneakers. What was released last year is improved on and the new model kicks the old one off the shelf. 

Now take a second to think about the best version of yourself. What does this perfect version of you look like? What clothes is he wearing? Does his fragrance come from a body spray or deodorant that commands attention as soon as he walks into a room? And more importantly, how close are you to becoming him?

To create a better version of yourself, you're going to need more than just a plan: you'll need a personalised one.

The Devil is in the Detail

It's not enough to say, "I want to improve my appearance". Dig a bit deeper. Do you need a wardrobe change because your clothes have faded over time? Or maybe
you want to try a new hairstyle because you've been sporting the same one for years. Don't skimp on the specifics.

Get Expert Advice

Would you ask a plumber how to wire a house? Some people only have a general understanding of specific topics, so the advice they give won't take your unique
circumstances into consideration. If you want clothing advice, go to a stylist or visit a blog that offers tips which factor in aspects like height, waist size and what's
already in your wardrobe.

One Step at a Time

Maybe there's a lot that needs to change: clothes, diet, grooming ritual and spending habits for example. But before you get overwhelmed, think about a gym
routine: you don't cover endurance, strength, balance and flexibility in one session. You do one, then focus on another. Rank your goals in order of importance and
tackle them one by one.

Let's end the same way we started. Let's think about the man you're one step closer to becoming. Is he a bundle of nervous energy encased in flesh and bone? Of
course not. He's a guy who knows how to Axercise some chill.

Don't believe people who say you're either born with it or not. Chill can be acquired. It's all about knowing how to cool yourself down so you can think with a clear head.
But sometimes you need a bit of help to summon the chill. What if you could put chill in a can and spray it all over when life turns up the temperature? It sounds
futuristic until you realise it's already been done.

What could a few bursts of Axe Ice Chill do, you ask? Give you the fresh fragrance of lemon and mint, for one. And that's not even the best part. Axe Ice Chill cools
you down by 6°C so you can have the cool-headedness needed to carve yourself into a better you.

See you on the other side of your self-improvement journey.

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